Bearded Dragon Habitat Checklist (Supplies & Decorations)

After bringing a bearded dragon home and setting up a cage, there are several accessories that you must have to keep your dragon happy and healthy.

Some accessories on our list are absolutely necessary while some are optional. Getting the optional ones is like going the extra mile for the well-being of your pet beardie. 

Bearded Dragon Habitat Checklist

Here is everything you will need to properly set up a bearded dragon habitat.

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12Best Habitat HideOrchid Valley Reptile Hide
13Best Climbing LogZoo Med Aquatic Natural Wood (Optional)
14Best RocksMagNaturals Rock Ledge (Optional)
15Best Basking RampZilla Basking Ramp (Optional)
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Here’s a detailed guideline about the accessories that you should include in your bearded dragon’s enclosure.

1. Enclosure

Beraded dragons need a large space to live a happy and healthy life. An adult should be housed in a 120 gallon tank. The tank should also be secure and sturdy. There are a number of options available in the market but not all are made the same.

We recommend the Zen Habitat’s 4x2x2 enclosure that offers plenty of space for a bearded dragon to run about and exercise.


2. UVB Light

The dragon comes from a hot and dry environment so it needs a nice warm temperature to survive. In captivity, warmth is provided through UVB light and temperature regulators.

Bearded dragons need the UV rays from the sun to synthesize vitamin D3 from Vitamin D. With the help of UVB they are able to absorb calcium and maintain their bone health.

Failing to provide enough UVB, your bearded dragon can suffer from a disease called metabolic bone disease (MBD) which could prove fatal. So, it’s a must-have for beardies.

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3. Substrate

Selecting the proper substrate is one of the first challenges to overcome while setting up a bearded dragon’s enclosure.

The ideal substrate for beardies should be dry and should not hold a lot of humidity. This is due to the fact that they are indigenous to Australia’s deserts.

Beginners frequently select loose substrates like sand or wood shavings. This is a grave error that may result in impaction and other major health problems.

Fortunately, there are several safe and reasonably priced substrates available.

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4. Thermometer

For the health of your bearded dragon, it is crucial to correctly maintain the recommended temperature in its tank. To do this, a reliable thermometer is needed. The ideal temperature in your bearded dragon’s home is crucial for many metabolic processes, including digesting.

You will need to get two thermometers i.e. one for the hot side and one for the cold side.

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5. Hygrometer

Bearded dragons need a relative humidity level of around 40%. It should not be lower than 30% and not greater than 50%. To correctly measure the humidity level in your beardie’s enclosure you will need to invest in a good quality hygrometer.

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6. Hammock

Bearded dragons are attracted to hammocks right away since they offer them a cozy spot to bask, a great hiding spot, and a beautiful surface to rub against when it’s time to shed.

I would advise avoiding using potentially flammable materials, especially if you plan to use them beneath a very hot lamp.

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7. Calcium Powder

The best approach to ensure that bearded dragons get adequate calcium is to supplement their diet, as they simply cannot survive without it.

Give your dragon calcium powder every day, mess-free, to keep them happy and healthy.

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8. Treats

Your bearded dragon should consume a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Offering your adult bearded dragon a treat now and then is enjoyable for both of you and your lizard.

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9. Food Dish

A food bowl keeps things organized in a tank. It’s vital that the food bowl is the right height and shape to accommodate your pet’s food.

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10. Water Dish

It’s necessary to keep a water dish in your bearded dragon cage at all times. It is recommended to use a shallow water bowl to prevent your beardie from falling in and possibly drowning.

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11. Harness and Leash

Most bearded dragons can be trained to tolerate and even like a harness and leash with time and care. While not all bearded dragons will respond well to this, many will link it with spending time outside in the sunshine, which they typically love.

Only adult beardies over 15″ in length should be harnessed.

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12. Hides

In the wild, bearded dragons can easily find a hiding spot on rocks, in caves, beneath logs, in tree holes, on grassland, and a lot more.

In captivity, you must build a hiding spot for the pet beardie, so it can have its space whenever it needs it. Hiding makes them feel secure and stress-free; furthermore, beardies tend to hide when they want to cool down and avoid any more sunlight.

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13. Climbing Log

Whether in their enclosure or outside, bearded dragons enjoy being elevated in the environment where they reside. Adding an additional climbing log in their habitats will help them get to the high spots in the enclosure. It assists your bearded dragon to climb onto the elevated points in the enclosure and enjoy to their fullest.

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14. Rocks

The bearded dragons in the wild have access to unlimited natural resources to fulfill their needs. However, in captivity, the owners are required to provide a setup that is the closest imitation of nature. One of the things included in the natural setup inside the terrarium is a fine basking rock. 

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15. Basking Ramp

A basking ramp is a great addition to a bearded dragon tank. It provides the best basking spot for your beardie. This platform also provides a shade for the thermoregulation of your bearded dragon once it has absorbed enough. Bearded dragon can hide under this platform to shield extra light from reaching its body.

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16. Tunnel

Bearded Dragons love tunneling when they are in the wild. They might imitate the same in captivity; however, it won’t be a pleasant sight having your beardie burrowing through their substrate. It can be very dangerous to their well-being and equally harmful for the terrarium. There are a lot of options that can be opted to provide a tunneling experience to your beardie. 

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17. Pet Ramp

It will be very pleasing for your pet to have a ramp for free movement and exercise, where they can roam in their free time.

Using a simple wooden plank would serve the purpose; however, to minimize the risk of tripping or getting injured, go ahead to purchase a pet ramp for your beardie.

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18. Playpen

Playpen works best for bearded dragons if you want them to stretch a bit and exercise in a large and open space. Bearded dragons like open and bigger spaces. Make sure you get one that is secure so your beardie doesn’t find a way to sneak out.

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Playtime Accessories

All the things listed above are luxury essentials for your bearded dragon. However, it doesn’t just end here; having a home is not enough. Just as you require a lot of furniture and other stuff to decorate your home, the same is for your pet bearded dragon. It is very exciting for your pet to have something around which is physically and mentally stimulating.

One of the methods is to interact with your dragon playfully, as the bearded dragons are very friendly once they get used to their owner. Your beardie should be provided with a lot of options to have entertaining activities within the enclosure.


Every species of bearded dragon reacts differently to the toys or things presented to them. Some bearded dragons might get into an enjoyable play, whereas some might just be uninterested in most things and can be very picky at times. 

Introducing toys to your bearded dragon would be very pleasant for your beardie; however, you must make sure the things you’re presenting to your dragon are not toxic or indigestible for beardie’s stomach. Following is a list of toys that your beardie can play with without harming itself


A small ball can be a delightful addition to your pet beardie’s cage. There are specially designed balls that are for animals to uncover and play with. A small cat ball can serve the purpose well enough and keep your beardie actively interacting and playing with it.

Another option is a ball designed with a stuffing of food inside, which will be enjoyable and inexpensive to present your beardie. 


Presenting crumpled newspapers will keep your beardie engaged for some time and won’t cost you a penny too. However, monitor your beardie from a safe distance to prevent the newspaper from getting to the stomach of beardie, as he might also attempt to chew and tear it.

Digging for snacks

To keep your beardie healthy and fit, don’t just put the food in front of them, instead have them hunt and break a sweat for it. The bearded dragons like to dig when in a natural habitat which is a very healthy activity for the dragon. Hiding a treat or food item under the ground so that your beardie can find a reward every time it digs will keep him actively engaged.

The simplest way to do so is by adding a treat to the bottom of a food bowl and fill the rest of it with the newspaper till the top. Your beardie will eventually dig up to the treat and have a very engaging snack time. 


There are multiple ways you can make your bearded dragon more comfortable in captivity. The best way is to create a setup as the closest imitation of nature, which will make your dragon feel just at home. The bearded dragon enjoys being on high points and elevated, so make sure to add some extra effort by adding additional branches to keep your bearded dragon happy.

Secondly, the dragons, as they come from warm habitats, enjoy basking under the sun. So make sure to arrange a basking platform along with UVB lights and a temperature regulator. Adding a few toys and treats in your beardie’s cage will just put the final nail in the series to keep the beardie feel at home.

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