About My Pet Reptiles

We have created this website (My Pet Reptiles) to help out all the reptile enthusiasts who are new to pet reptiles. We want to help them with how to take care of their pet reptiles the right way.

MyPetReptiles.com is the one-stop shop for any and all things related to reptiles. We offer care guides, health tips, and general husbandry practices for those looking for a new pet or just want to learn more about the reptile world.

Our comprehensive care guides are designed to answer your questions on how to take care of all your pet reptiles. From snakes to iguanas, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t know how often to feed your pet reptile? Wondering what type of substrate best suits the reptile’s natural environment? Our guides have everything you need to know!

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We are a group of reptile enthusiasts and experts with years of experience keeping and breeding reptiles. Every piece of information that gets published on MY Pet Reptiles is fact-checked and peer-reviewed by experts who adhere to our strict editorial process.

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