Crested Gecko Eye Infection: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Crested geckos are known for their unique feature of having long, delicate eyelashes, which has earned them the nickname “eyelash geckos.” However, this distinct feature can make them more susceptible to eye problems and infections.

One common symptom to look out for is swelling around the eyes due to fluid build-up.

In addition, if you notice a discharge coming from your crested gecko’s eyes without any swelling, this could indicate the presence of cataracts or internal eye damage.

In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about crested gecko eye infections, sharing my personal experiences and expertise to help you take the best care of your beloved pet. So, let’s get started!

Symptoms of Crested Gecko Eye Infection

  1. Swelling: One of the first symptoms you may notice is swelling around your gecko’s eyes. The area may appear puffy or enlarged compared to its normal appearance.
  2. Redness: Along with swelling, you might see redness in and around the eye. This is a sign of inflammation and could indicate an infection.
  3. Discharge: Eye infections can cause a discharge from the eyes, which might be clear, cloudy, or even have a yellow or greenish tint. You may notice your gecko’s eyes appear wet or have a crusty buildup around them.
  4. Difficulty in opening eyes: If your crested gecko is having trouble opening its eyes, it could be due to an eye infection. They might keep their eyes closed more often than usual or struggle to open them fully.
  5. Excessive blinking: You may observe your gecko blinking more frequently than usual or squinting its eyes. This could be a sign of discomfort or irritation caused by an eye infection.
  6. Rubbing eyes on enclosure surfaces: If your crested gecko is rubbing its eyes on the surfaces of its enclosure, it might be trying to relieve irritation or discomfort. Keep an eye on this behavior, as it can further damage the eye and worsen the infection.
  7. Changes in appetite or behavior: Infections can cause your crested gecko to feel unwell, which might lead to changes in appetite or behavior. If you notice your gecko is less active, more lethargic, or not eating as much as usual, it could be a sign of an underlying health issue, such as an eye infection.

As a fellow crested gecko enthusiast, I once faced a situation where my gecko, Luna, developed a slight eye infection. I noticed her eyes were swollen and she was blinking more than usual. Fortunately, I was able to catch the signs early and seek appropriate treatment, helping Luna recover quickly.

Causes of Eye Infections in Crested Geckos


1. Poor Husbandry and Hygiene

Proper care and cleanliness are crucial for our crested geckos. Inadequate cleaning of their enclosure can lead to a buildup of harmful bacteria or fungi, which may cause eye