Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat Greens (Reasons and Solutions)

As bearded dragon owner, we worry when our scaly friend refuses to eat their greens. To help you address this common issue, we’ll explore the reasons behind their reluctance and provide solutions to encourage healthier eating habits.

Why is My Bearded Dragon Not Eating Vegetables

There are a number of reasons why a bearded dragon may refuse to eat greens. But as long as they are eating their insects, it’s easy to fix.

1. Age and Changing Nutritional Needs

Bearded dragons’ dietary preferences and nutritional requirements change as they grow. Young beardies need more protein, which they get from insects, while adult bearded dragons require a higher percentage of greens in their diet.

If your bearded dragon is still young, their preference for insects may overshadow their interest in greens. However, as they age, gradually introducing more greens into their diet can help them develop a taste for these nutritious foods.

2. Overfeeding Insects

One common reason bearded dragons refuse greens is due to overfeeding insects. Insects, like crickets and mealworms, are high in protein and can be more enticing than greens.

If your bearded dragon consumes too many insects, they may develop a preference for them and become less interested in their greens.

3. Basking Temperatures and UVB Exposure

Basking temperatures and UVB exposure play a critical role in your bearded dragon’s overall health, appetite, and digestion.

If their basking area is too cold or they lack adequate UVB exposure, they may not have the energy or appetite to eat their greens.

Ensure their basking spot reaches an appropriate temperature (95-110°F for adults, 105-110°F for juveniles) and provide a