3 Best 120 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tanks, Enclosures & Cages

A 120 gallon bearded dragon tank is the best size cage for bearded dragons. Because it can hold a specific range of temperature and provide ample space for your beardie to roam around and exercise.

In this post, we will discuss why a 120 gallon is the ideal tank size for bearded dragons. Also, we will be giving our reviews on some of the best 120 gallon terrariums on the market.

You will find mixed opinions online if you research the term “ideal cage size for bearded dragons“. Some experts recommend a 75-gallon enclosure for adult bearded dragons while others think this cage size is too small for them.

The minimum recommended enclosure size for a baby bearded dragon is 20-gallon. But keep in mind that bearded dragons can grow very quickly and they will soon outgrow the 20-gallon tank. You will need to buy a bigger tank ideally 120-gallon in a matter of few months.

Note: Healthy bearded dragons can grow up to 2 ft. long (inclusive of their tail).

So, rather than starting with a 20-gallon tank and buying larger tanks progressively as your dragon grows, it’s better to go for the 120 gallon tank and have your beardie grow into it. Regardless, you don’t necessarily have to stick with the minimum tank size requirements.

Bigger enclosures also make it very easy to install heat and lighting equipment without compromising any space.

A Quick Comparison of the Best 120 Gallon Cages in 2022

Image Product Feature Price
Best Overall
4’x2’x2′ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Non-reflective surfaces
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The Strongest