3 Best 120 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tanks, Enclosures & Cages

A 120 gallon bearded dragon tank is the best size cage for bearded dragons. Because it can hold a specific range of temperature and provide ample space for your beardie to roam around and exercise.

In this post, we will discuss why a 120 gallon is the ideal tank size for bearded dragons. Also, we will be giving our reviews on some of the best 120 gallon terrariums on the market.

You will find mixed opinions online if you research the term “ideal cage size for bearded dragons“. Some experts recommend a 75-gallon enclosure for adult bearded dragons while others think this cage size is too small for them.

The minimum recommended enclosure size for a baby bearded dragon is 20-gallon. But keep in mind that bearded dragons can grow very quickly and they will soon outgrow the 20-gallon tank. You will need to buy a bigger tank ideally 120-gallon in a matter of few months.

Note: Healthy bearded dragons can grow up to 2 ft. long (inclusive of their tail).

So, rather than starting with a 20-gallon tank and buying larger tanks progressively as your dragon grows, it’s better to go for the 120 gallon tank and have your beardie grow into it. Regardless, you don’t necessarily have to stick with the minimum tank size requirements.

Bigger enclosures also make it very easy to install heat and lighting equipment without compromising any space.

A Quick Comparison of the Best 120 Gallon Cages in 2022

Image Product Feature Price
Best Overall
4’x2’x2′ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Non-reflective surfaces
Check Price
The Strongest
Essential 4 PVC & Aluminum Enclosure
  • Better UVB transmission
  • Non-reflective walls
  • water resistant
Check Price
Beginner Friendly
Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium
  • Strong mesh top.
  • 360° view glass.
  • Double hinged door.
Check Price

Best 120 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tanks

There are a number of tanks available in the 120 gallon category however not all are made the same. Over the course of 7 years, we have bought and used many cages and only a few are worth mentioning here.

Here is our list of recommended 120 gallon bearded dragon tanks.

1. Best Overall: 4’x2’x2′ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure by Zen Habitat


Zen habitat reptile enclosure is easily the best tank available in the 120 gallon category. It measures 4’x2’x2’ equivalent to 120 gallons which means ample space for your bearded dragon to run, jump, and exercise.

This tank is designed primarily for bearded dragons however it can also be used for other desert lizards, snakes, tortoises, and other small animals that require a dry environment.

Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosure uses 1” anodized aluminum, bamboo finished wood panels, that can retain heat up to 10x better than glass. It comes with front sliding/removable acrylic doors that minimize stress when approaching your beardie.

This cage features a steel screen top that includes screen support bars and wire grommets to give you the flexibility to install your heating and lighting fixtures inside or outside the enclosure.


Dimensions4’x2’x2 ft
Volume120 Gallons
Weight48 lbs


  • Featured as our editor’s pick for the best bearded dragon terrarium
  • Perfect size for an adult bearded dragon
  • Front sliding acrylic doors  for easy access
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Non-reflective surfaces


  • Not suitable for UTH (Under Tank Heating)
  • One side view

2. The Strongest: Essential 4 PVC & Aluminum Enclosure


Essential 4 PVC & Aluminum Enclosure by Custom Reptile Habitat is the strongest bearded dragon cage we have seen. Made from real PVC & super strong anodized aluminum & glass that will also look great in your house.

It measures 48″ L x 24″ W x 24″ H which is equal to 120 gallon of ample space for your beardie to live a happy and healthy life.

The enclosure is designed in a way that lets you install the lighting fixtures on the outside which in turn increases the usable space inside the enclosures by up to 50%.

This enclosure features a full aluminum mesh screen tops that let 77% of UVB through (some screens block as much as 65%)

It also comes with a custom ventilation system for airflow control with a unique Humidity Control Panel.


TypeLarge Deep
Volume120 Gallons
Weight62 lbs


  • Better UVB transmission through the mesh (77%)
  • Includes a digital thermometer and hygrometer with the probe
  • Non-reflective PVC walls
  • Highly water-resistant and perfect for use with high humidity species
  • 10-year warranty available


  • Requires tools to put together.
  • Not very forgiving of mistakes made during assembly.

3. Best for Beginners: Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium


The 3rd best in the 120 gallon bearded dragon tank category is Carolina Custom Cage. These cages are very easy to assemble and are available in 21 different models. This specific model measures 48Lx24Dx24H which is equal to 120-Gallon offering a huge space for your bearded dragon.

This bearded dragon terrarium has impressive clear glass sides, offering clear visibility inside the cage. It also comes with sliding doors secured with a lock to make sure your beardie stays inside.

It comes with key-lock security to prevent an accidental and or unexpected opening of the enclosure. In addition, it has a metal grate that prevents dust and other types of debris from getting inside the cage.

Why Choose the Carolina Custom Cage

This cage is best for people who want to fully customize their bearded dragon setup. They offer many natural-looking designs and wallpapers such as desserts, forests, etc.

Also, this cage is very easy to assemble and is beginners friendly. Almost anyone who can read can assemble this cage in a matter of minutes.


Volume120 Gallons
Weight73 lbs


  • Large 120-gallon tank perfect size for adult bearded dragons.
  • Strong mesh top on either half of the cage.
  • 360° view glass.
  • Double-hinged door for easy access and cleaning


  • With an under-tank heater, the thin glass may become too hot.
  • Once installed, the mesh top is difficult to remove.
  • Does not sit flat, require additional support

What to Consider When Choosing 120 Gallon Beardie Tank?


There are three important things to consider when choosing a 120 gallon bearded dragon tank:

  1. Material
  2. Features
  3. Setup/Theme

1. Deciding on the Material Used

Different cages are made from different materials such as acrylic (PVC), glass, and wood. When choosing an enclosure for your beardie make sure its make of high-quality and durable material.

2. Features Offered

A best 120 gallong bearded dragon tank will have a waterproof baseremovable acrylic doors, and a suitable ventilation system. A good enclosure will also have holes for wires for easy installation of lighting and heating fixtures.

3. Setup/Theme

A good tank will also be good-looking. It should have enough space to add branches, logs, rocks, and other decoration materials to make a natural-looking habitat for your beardie.

Is a 120 Gallon Tank Good For a Bearded Dragon?

Yes, a bearded dragon cage sized 4’ x 2’ x 2’ or 48 inches x 24 inches x 24 inches is the perfect size for a bearded dragon. It offers ample space for your bardie to run around and exercise. You can also install all the required heating and lighting equipment without compromising any space.

What is the Maximum Size Tank For a Bearded Dragon?

There are no maximum-sized tanks for beardies. The tank should not be smaller than 75 gallons and not bigger than 120 gallons for an adult bearded dragon. Your beardie might struggle to cache live food if the tank is bigger than 120 gallons.

Is a 50-Gallon Tank Big Enough For a Bearded Dragon?

A 50-gallon tank is OK for babies and juveniles but too small for adult-beared dragons. Fully grown dragons do best in a 120 gallon enclosure.


120 gallon is the perfect size enclosure for bearded dragons. Some people recommend 75 gallons for adult dragons but we think it’s too small for them. Instead of buying a smaller cage and then buying bigger cages progressively, we recommend getting a 120 gallon tank from the beginning. This way you will save a lot of money.

Our favorite 120 gallon bearded dragon terrarium is 4’x2’x2′ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure by Zen Habitat.

What’s your favorite 120 gallon bearded dragon tank? Let us know in the comments below!

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