How Much is a Blue Tongue Skink? Blue Tongue Skinks Price


If you love reptile pets, you might have stumbled on this beautiful blue-tongue Skink, which makes a great pet and company. While researching this friendly reptile pet, a question may arise: How much are Blue Tongue Skinks? This question is asked mainly on our forum, and therefore, through this article, we will tell you how much a blue-tongue skink would cost.

Several factors are involved in the price of Blue tongue skinks, including age, breed, look, and morphology. The average price of the blue-tongue Skink ranges from $150 to $5000+. To know more about the overall cost of the blue-tongue Skink and the factors affecting the cost, continue to read this article.

Below is a cost list of the Blue-tongue skinks based on their species.

Cost Based on Variety

Please remember that the rarest the species you want to opt for, the more expensive the cost of the Blue-Tongue Skink would be! The most commonly found species of this reptile is the Northern Blue-tongue Skink, which can be found easily in the price range of $150-$250. On the contrary, rare reptile species would cost more than $5000 in some cases, showing that the Skink type greatly affects its price. Below is a short cost list of blue tongue skinks to give you an overall idea of the cost of this reptile.

Blue-Tongue SkinkCostCost Type
Indonesian Blue Tongue-skink costPrice range $150-$400Common species Cost
Australian Blue tongue skinksprice range $150-$975Common species cost
Centralian & Shinglebacks blue tongues skink$5000Maintenance Cost
Food and health care cost$40/monthMaintenance cost

Some of the Indonesian and Australian blue tongue skinks morphs are given below.

Indonesian Blue-tongue skinks

Scientifically known as Tiliqua Gigas, these Indonesian blue-tongue skinks are found on Indonesian lands. This species is found in the wild, and exportation allowance has made this available worldwide.

This species is not very expensive and can be found in the pet store for adoption. The price of this species ranges from $150-$400. Some morphs of the Indonesian Blue-tongue skinks are listed below.

1. Merauke Blue Tongue Skink