What to Do When Your Iguana Has Worms (Deworming Iguana)

Iguanas can get parasites from food or from being outside. You should get your iguana treated if you think it has worms or parasites. Unless you’re 100% sure that your reptile has worms, how to administer the drug, or what to do, please ask your vet who’s qualified to treat exotic animals.

Common Worms in Iguanas

Pinworms are a common problem in iguanas, my iguana had them herself when she was younger. I had her for several months before I noticed that when she defecated her feces was literally crawling. – Ew!

As a note, they are also common in almost everything, including humans! They are usually not dangerous, but if you can get rid of them from your pets and yourself, you’d be best to do so.

When I noticed that my iguana had worms I was kind of freaked out! I didn’t know what was going on and if she was going to be okay or what! Well let me tell you now that if you just found out your pet iguana has worms, don’t freak out. It’s okay, she’ll be fine. Just follow the instructions on this page and your iguana will be worm free within a week.

How to Diagnose Worms in Iguanas

First you have to be sure that your iguana actually has worms.

Here’s a pretty good indication:


If your iguana is laying nasties like the one pictured above, then you can be sure that what she has worms. These things are parasites that grow in your iguanas guts, they eat the nutrients from the food that your iguana eats, and your iguana basically starves to death, even while eating.

This is the grossest thing I have had to deal with so far as an iguana owner, but fortunately, it’s an easy, safe fix that doesn’t take very long to do.

Pinworms are common in iguanas, many times they have them from a very young age. If not treated the iguana will eventually get sick and could even die, though that is uncommon. Fortunately, pinworms are easy to take care of fairly quickly so there is no need to panic.

Deworming Your Iguana from Parasites

During the treatment, you will need to remove your iguana’s feces immediately and keep its environment very clean. This is important so that they do not re-infect themselves with more pinworms. Clean the environment thoroughly before starting the treatment below.

Pinworms have a pretty short lifespan and don’t usually get to the point where they cause any serious health problems. The key to getting rid of them for good is to make sure you get them all, and then after the eggs hatch you have to get them again before they can reproduce. To do this you have to give your iguana the medi