Do Blue Tongue Lizards Bite? Are Skinks Poisonous?

Blue Tongue Skinks are generally known for their docile and friendly nature. They’re not the kind to shy away from gentle interactions.

They do require regular handling to become comfortable with their human companions, but once that bond is formed, it’s a friendship you won’t forget.

Do Blue Tongue Skinks Bite?

It’s important to note right off the bat that blue tongue skinks, like any animal, might bite when they feel threatened or scared. Remember, in the wild, their main defense against predators is their blue tongue, which they stick out to frighten off threats. However, if that doesn’t work, they might resort to a bite.

In my own experience as a skink owner, these little guys are generally quite docile. Their demeanor can best be compared to that of a relaxed dog. They’re content to chill out and lounge, rather than get all bitey. But that’s not to say they can’t or won’t bite. If they’re stressed, anxious, or you’ve accidentally stepped into their personal space, they might give you a little nip.

Biting is their last line of defense, after all, they’re not exactly built for combat. So, if your pet skink is feeling secure and loved, you likely won’t have to worry about bites. It’s all about understanding their behavior and providing them with a safe and comforting environment.

Remember, folks, we’re dealing with a living, breathing creature that deserves our understanding and patience. Yes, blue tongue skinks can bite, but it’s a rarity rather than the rule. Approach them with love and respect, and you’ll receive the same in return.

Do Skink Bites Hurt?

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A blue tongued skink bite is more like a pinch, something akin to getting caught in a zipper – definitely surprising and uncomfortable, but certainly not serious. But, of course, individual experiences may vary.

I recall a time when my dear skink, Blueberry, gave me a s