Fancy Bearded Dragons (The Ultimate Guide)

Bearded dragons come in many different types. The most common type is known as the wild type, and they are usually easy to find in pet stores and online.

The second major category is known as the fancy type, which includes morphs or species that look different from the standard wild-type. Fancy species are selectively bred for their brighter colors, unique scale patterns, or larger sizes.

If you are planning to buy a fancy bearded dragon, it might be a bit confusing because most of them look different from each other, and their prices vary widely. There are many colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from, making it challenging to pick the right one.

Before you buy a fancy bearded dragon, it’s essential to understand what makes them fancy, how to spot them, and the differences between them and the wild-type species. This will help you make an informed decision and choose the perfect pet for you.

In this post, we will explain the difference between regular and fancy bearded dragons and what makes them fancy.

What is a Fancy Bearded Dragon?

A bearded dragon is considered “fancy” if it has a unique color, pattern, or scale arrangement that differs from the standard wild-type species.

However, there isn’t a set definition for what constitutes a fancy bearded dragon. Any dragon that has an uncommon color, pattern, or size can fall into this category.

It’s worth noting that “fancy” isn’t a morph, but rather a label for any species or morph that’s rare or exceptional.

Regular bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) are typically beige, tan, or light brown, with yellowish markings. Their color and pattern are ideal for blending in with the Australian desert.

Fancy bearded dragons, on the other hand, are easily identifiable thanks to their vibrant orange and red hues, striking zigzag patterns, and fewer spikes.

While these features make them visually impressive, they also make them less likely to survive in the wild. Fancy beardies stick out like sore thumbs to predators. For instance, a high-red morph perched on a branch in Australia would be easily spotted by a hawk, whereas a wild-type bearded dragon would blend in with its surroundings.

Because of this, fancy bearded dragons are primarily kept as pets. But where do these fancy bearded dragons come from?

Where Do Fancy Bearded Dragons Come From?


Bearded dragons can be easily bred in captivity. Fancy bearded dragons are products of selective breeding.

Selective breeding is the process of mating two bearded dragons with the desired trait so that offspring will possess the same characteristics as their parents. In order to increase the intensity, the offspring are then bred with other offspring carrying the same trait.

Selective breeding is a great way to maintain and pass on unique characteristics in fancy dragons. Many of these traits begin as natural mutations in normal bearded dragons, such as brighter colors or fewer spikes, which give them a unique appearance.

However, in the wild, these traits often don’t survive due to predators and health issues. For instance, the scale-gene mutation that cre