Reasons Why a Bearded Dragon is Sleeping Upright?

If you have kept your bearded dragon for a while, you may have noticed them in some interesting positions, especially while they sleep. One of that positions is when they sleep with their belly pressed up against the glass of their cage while standing on their hind legs.

Bearded dragons will sleep wherever and however they feel most comfortable. This might seem strange or uncomfortable to you, but it probably doesn’t bother your bearded dragon at all.

Note: Generally, a bearded dragon sleeping standing up is nothing to worry about. Bearded dragons like to sleep upright, with their bellies pressed against the walls of their cage. There’s no need to panic if your pet exhibits what seems like bizarre behavior. However, it is understandable if you’re concerned.

Why is Your Bearded Dragon Sleeping Standing Up Against the Glass?

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Even though nobody knows for sure why bearded dragons sleep standing up, there are a few things that might explain this strange behavior.

Below are a few causes and possibilities for why a bearded dragon sleeps upright.

1. Incorrect Temperature

One of the reasons a bearded dragon sleeps while standing on its hind legs with its stomach pressed against the glass is to reduce its body temperature.

Bearded dragons are ectothermic reptiles, which means they depend on the external environment to regulate their body temperatures. They need an ambient temperature of 75-85° Fahrenheit with a basking area with a temperature of 95-105° Fahrenheit.

Check the tank’s temperature if you find your beardie frequently sleeping upright to ensure it is not getting too warm for your lizard.

Bearded dragons will also lighten their body color if the temperature is too high. So if you observe your beardie’s color changing to almost white when sleeping, it clearly indicates that the enclosure is too hot.

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2. Stress

When your beardie is stressed, it will do strange things, the most noticeable of which is “glass surfing.”

When your bearded dragon keeps trying to climb the glass of its cage to get out, this is called “glass surfing.”

Bearded dragon glass surf for a number of reasons. Some of the most common include; 1. The enclosure is too small, 2. The temperature is not correct, and 3. They see their reflection in the glass.  

If you notice your bearded dragon sleeping upright at night and regularly glass surfing during the day. In that case, it may have fallen asleep while attempting to escape.

For a beardie to live a happy and stress-free life, you need to provide a suitable size enclosure with nonreflective walls, proper lighting, and heating.

3. They Like it

If your bearded dragon sleeps standing up, it’s not because of the two things we talked about above. Then your pet may be doing it out of enjoyment.

Bearded dragons often sleep on the side of a tree or a branch in the wild.

If there aren’t any branches in your beardie’s enclosure, it might choose to sleep standing against the side of its enclosure.

Note: If you practice good husbandry and your bearded dragon is properly fed, hydrated, and housed, you have no reason to be concerned about its upright sleeping position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my bearded dragon sleeping straight up?

Your bearded dragon can sleep straight up for many reasons, such as incorrect temperatures and high stress. They also sleep upright because they like it. Generally, a bearded dragon sleeping upright is normal behavior and is not a cause for concern.

Why does my bearded dragon sleep in the corner standing up?

Bearded dragons sleep in the corner standing up for three reasons. They enjoy it, the cage temperature is not correct, or your dragon is stressed. Make sure you follow the best husbandry practices. If your beardie still does it, he is probably enjoying it, and there is nothing to worry about.


It is common for bearded dragons to sleep upright. Generally, it is not a cause for concern. They sleep while standing up for three reasons. 1. Incorrect cage temperatures 2. High stress 3. They enjoy it. If you follow the best husbandry practices and the cage is set up correctly then there is no need to be worried. Bearded dragons sleep in an upright position in the wild all the time.

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