Things You NEED to Know About Bearded Dragon Health Insurance

Once you decide to have a bearded dragon as a pet, you spend a good amount of money to create a setup that would just be suitable for this reptile. Setting up the enclosure, putting UVB lights, digital thermometers, and hygrometers, misting systems, basking perch, and a number of other accessories for the bearded dragon must be ready before your reptile walks into your home.

However, after spending a considerable amount of money, you must be thinking about the health expenses of the beardie, which might bring your attention to the health insurance of this reptile. Luckily, bearded dragons are among the list of those reptiles who can have health insurance.

Having your bearded dragon insured will keep you free from the worries of its health expenses. The whole procedure with different retailers and the importance of health insurance is explained below.

The most popular types of reptiles as pet

The most popular reptiles which are kept as pets around the globe are given below.

Bearded dragonsLizardsTortoiseSnakes

Reptiles being cold-blooded animals, cannot regulate their body temperatures and need an external source to keep warm. If the reptiles are not provided with a suitable temperature, they can get seriously sick. Similarly, too much heat can also cause serious health complications or severe burns.

In other cases, the reptiles can have health issues because of dehydration, lower or higher humidity, and infections. These health issues require immediate consultation from a vet and result in long bills for which you need to have health insurance for your pet reptile.

Health Insurance

As mentioned earlier, the vet bills for the treatment of your bearded dragon can be more than what you could afford. This can put you off sometimes, even making you rethink your decision to keep a pet. If you get your bearded dragon health insured, it will definitely help you save those bucks you had to spend on the bearded dragon’s health.

What are the benefits of bearded dragon’s health insurance?

As you’re already spending a small fortune on the bearded dragon’s cage set up and food, the vet bills will just be another nail in the coffin. There aren’t many insurance providers for reptiles; however, those who provide insurance plans for the bearded dragons cover almost all health expenses.

If your bearded dragon has been insured for health, then the vet’s bills will be paid by the insurance company in case of injury, sickness, and surgery.

So, how much does bearded dragon health insurance cost?

It depends entirely on which insurance plan you’re opting for. It starts on an average of £4 per month to $9 per month, ranging over a period of time. The health insurance may be different for you if you’re in the UK and otherwise if you are in the US. The price and policies of each of these are explained below.

Price of reptile health insurance in the US

Nationwide is the only health insurance company in the USA that offers health insurance for reptiles such as bearded dragons and others mentioned above. Their pricing and policies are fair and reasonable, starting from $9 per month over the tenure of a few months.

This policy includes the treatment of any sickness of the reptile that rises over time, except the sickness that already existed. They pay for injuries, medical diagnostics, surgery, and medications of your pet bearded dragon.  Furthermore, they do not cover physical deformities or any other non-related vet services, such as boarding.

Other details about this policy can be obtained directly from the Nationwide US site.

Price of reptile health insurance in the UK

Being a UK resident, the health insurance company that you should look for is Exotic Direct. They are the only insurers in the UK who are providing health insurance for reptiles since 1996. The basic policy starts with a very low price of £4 per month to £1000 per month and goes on for a tenure of 10 months.

Exotic direct is a reliable company to have your pet insured from, as they cover your vet expenses up to £1000, saving you a handful of money.

Alternatives to bearded dragon health insurance

Suppose you’re still reluctant or unsure about the health insurance plans, or you are unable to pay a monthly installment for the insurance. In that case, there are alternative ways that can help you take care of your bearded dragon’s health expenses.

This can be achieved by having a meeting with your vet and talking a way out to pay bills. Your vet will definitely sort a way out for you to remove your worries. The alternative ways you can choose instead of using a health insurance plan are explained below.

Talk to your vet about payment plans

This will be a lifesaver for you if you aren’t opting for an insurance plan. As the medical expenses can sometimes become way more than what you can afford; so, you may discuss the plans that your vet has to offer. Using these plans, you might just be able to pay the bills in installments.

Consider signing up for care credit

This one is a smart option if you have not insured your bearded dragon. It works the same as the credit card, paying all your payments at once and then taking the amount back in small installments each month. They even offer interest-free returns of money, unlike credit cards.


Having a bearded dragon as a pet is no different than having a child at home, which needs all your attention and money to grow up. The bills of bearded dragon’s health expenses can sometimes be off the limits, shaking you to the core. However, you can handle this bit by getting your bearded dragon insured.

Nationwide and Exotic Direct, respectively, can be the only and best options for insurance of pet bearded dragons for people living in the USA and UK. Their monthly insurance payments are low, and you can even get your customized insurance plan by getting a quote.

Finally, if you’re not interested in the insurance of your bearded dragon, then you may speak to the vet for payments in installments or even use a care credit for the payment of health bills. With this being said, you will not have anything to worry about the health expenses of the bearded dragon. So play smart and enjoy your time with your pet.

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