King Snake Habitat Checklist

King snakes are very popular pet snakes because they’re really easy to take care of, pretty friendly and they don’t get too big. The get to 4 feet long in most cases but can sometimes grow up to 5 feet long.

Below is the list of things you will need for a pet king snake.


Baby king snakes can be housed in a 10 gallon tank but you will have to increase the enclosure size as it grows. Adult king snakes should be housed in at least a 20-gallon tank, measuring 30 1/4 inches long by 12 1/3 inches deep.


Substrate is what covers the bottom of the enclosure. For a king snake we recommend using shredded Aspen as your bedding. The shredded Aspen is going to provide a nice thick layer of substrate for them to burrow into and hide.

Heat Mat

A heat mat is always recommended even if the outside temperature is hot. You should always put it under one side of the enclosure so that way your snake just gets warmer if it needs to.


To check that your enclosure is at the temperatures that it should be, I highly recommend getting a thermometer. A digital thermometer is actually really cheap to get.

Water Bowl

Keep the water bowl on the opposite side from where you have your heat pad. it’s very important that the water stays pretty much cold.  You’re not going to want to heat the water up because the snakes should have a option to drink regular room-temperature water.


Hiding spots are extreamly important part of the king snake enclosure. You should have a hiding spot on each side of the enclosure; one for the hot side and one for the cold side. That way your snake doesn’t have to choose between being warm and hiding and get cold and hiding.

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