8 Crested Gecko Fun Facts Everyone Should Know About

The crested gecko, sometimes known as the eyelash gecko, is a type of gecko. It is native to New Caledonia, a French special collectivity located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, some 1,210 kilometers (750 miles) east of Australia and 17,000 kilometers (11,000 miles) from Metropolitan France.

The species is located in New Caledonia’s south. There are three distinct populations: one on the Isle of Pines and its neighbouring islets, and two on the main island of Grande Terre. One population is in the Blue River Provincial Park, and the other is further north, just south of Mount Dzumac.

These nocturnal lizards have to be one of my favourite reptiles, if only for the cuteness element. They have puppy dog eyes and what appear to be beauty queen lashes! But, believe it or not, they are unable to blink!

They have to moisten their eyeballs with their tongue! These little fellows have been dubbed the “eyelash gecko” because of the ridges that run along the crest of their eyes, which are actually spiky scales rather than eyelashes.

Crested geckos are a popular pet, and you’ve undoubtedly seen one or more photographs of this adorable animal on social media. We’ve compiled a list of the top five fun facts about crested geckos just for you.

The Crested Gecko is Double-Jointed! 

They have double-jointed toes that allow them to step away from the surface by raising their toes from the tip inward. The crested gecko’s toes are frequently curled in an upward position & can often be noticed in pictures.

Tail grab & Fall (Literally)

Because they have a long prehensile tail that helps them to grab onto vines and trees, if you hold one, they may sometimes wrap their tail around your finger to feel secure and steady.

However, potential Crestie owners should be aware that those tails can easily break off since the cells at the base of the tail are fragile and do not regenerate, therefore it is not rare to see Crested Geckos without a tail. Crested geckos that have lost their tails are referred to as “frog-butts.”

They Appear to Have Eyelashes

The most distinguishing feature of crested geckos is located above their eyes. They appear to have eyelashes, and its name reflects this trait in several languages. Of course, they don’t actually have eyelashes, but it appears that way. They are, in fact, tiny scales or ridges. Nonetheless, it’s one of the qualities that makes them appear so adorable!

They Are Vocal Beings

Crested geckos can be quite noisy and will occasionally make noises. It generally makes a chirping sound (when aroused or during breeding season), although it can also bark. This is not a good indicator because it indicates that they are uneasy and stressed.

Hair on the Toe Pads

Their toe pads contain teeny-tiny rows of ridges that grasp and hold onto surface imperfections. They can even walk on vertical glass surfaces! The toe pads of a crested gecko are covered with thousands of tiny microscopic hairs called setae, which are split into hundreds of smaller hairs called spatulae. These tiny hair-like features enable them to attach to a wide range of surfaces.

They lick their eyeballs to keep them clean and moist

Crested geckos, like several other reptiles, do not have eyelids. However, because they must keep their eyes moist, you may notice your crested gecko licking its eyeballs from time to time. Licking also helps to eliminate dust and dirt. It may appear strange at first, but you will grow accustomed to this strange little behaviour.

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Omnivore species

Unlike most gecko species, this one is an omnivore, eating fruit, nectar, pollen, and a variety of insects. In captivity, they should be given a commercially prepared, fruit-based diet supplemented with live feeder insects.

Until recently, they were thought to be extinct.

This species was assumed to be extinct until it was rediscovered in 1994 by a team led by Robert Seipp. They used to play hide and seek with humans and were assumed to be extinct at the time. As you may be aware, the crested gecko has gained popularity since its rediscovery. Although crested geckos are still considered fragile in the wild, they are not yet extinct.

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