6 Best Crested Gecko Terrariums, Cages, Tanks and Enclosures

Before you bring home a pet crested gecko, you will first need to choose an enclosure, cage, terrarium, tank, or whatever else you may call it. A good tank is essential to keeping a healthy and happy crested gecko. But, not all crested gecko enclosures are the same.

Crested gecko tanks should be spacious enough to support their arboreal activities. It also needs to be secure and well ventilated without costing a fortune.

Finding a terrarium for a crested gecko can be hard. They range in price, design, safety, and durability. Crested geckos kept in the wrong enclosure can suffer injuries and higher stress that can result in a shortened lifespan.

In this post, we give reviews of the six best crested gecko enclosures. Each terrarium has different features and is a bit different from others, but each one of them is right for geckos in its own way. By the end of our guide, you will be able to pick the best terrarium for crested gecko.

A Quick Comparison of the Best Products

Image Product Feature Price
Best Overall
2’x2’x2′ PVC Panel Reptile Enclosure
  • The ideal tank for crested geckos
  • Durable:
  • 60-gallon equivalent
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Most Affordable
Zilla Vertical Tropical Starter Kit
  • Durable glass build.
  • Large front door
  • Hinged top for easy access.
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Exo Terra Glass Nano
  • Waterproof base
  • Raised bottom frame
  • Escape-proof door locks
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Zoo Med ReptiBreeze
  • Corrosion-resistant mesh
  • Easy cage access
  • Easy to assemble
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Best for Beginners