Iguana Bath: How To Properly Wash & Bath Your Iguana?

Bathing your pet iguana has lots of benefits. It will give it extra hydration, help it shed, and clean. You’ll learn everything you need to know about bathing an iguana in this post.

Do Iguanas Like Water?

Yes, iguanas do like water, especially Green Iguanas, which are known to be good swimmers. Iguanas, being tropical lizards, are often found in regions with lakes, rivers and ponds nearby. They use water to help regulate their body temperature, and can swim away to escape from predators if needed.

However, it’s important to note that while they may be confident in natural bodies of water, domesticated iguanas may initially fear artificial ones like bathtubs due to their depth and slippery nature.

Remember, not all iguanas are the same, and some may not show as much interest in water as others. Like many animals, individual iguanas can have their own unique preferences.

Also, remember that although they like water, iguanas are not aquatic creatures like turtles, and should always have places where they can fully get out of the water to bask and rest.

Can Iguanas Drown?