Interesting Facts About Iguanas

Top 12 interesting facts about iguanas:

  1. Iguana anatomy allows the lizard the ability to “snap” off, or self amputate, part of its tail if threatened or in danger as a means of escape. The tail bones contain fracture planes to allow this capability. The terms for this is known as caudal autotomy.
  2. Shedding of skin in reptiles is normal and helps facilitate their growth. Iguanas tend to shed in patches rather than completely, unlike the way a snake sheds its skin completely.
  3. Iguana snorts are normal. This is how the iguana expels salts that accumulate in the nasal chamber caused by potassium deposits.
  4. While heat rocks are popular with many iguana owners, they are not recommended and can burn your iguana.
  5. Iguanas enjoy being misted. This is best done by aiming up and allowing the mist to gently “fall” onto the iguana and the enclosure rather than spray him directly.
  6. Iguanas like “baths.” After basking, iguanas enjoy being placed in shallow lukewarm water in a large container.
  7. An iguana’s nails will need to clipped regularly, just as you could clip the nails on a pet dog. If you are uncomfortable doing this, usually an herp veterinarian can perform this service.
  8. Fruit should only comprise about 10% of your iguana’s diet.
  9. Leafy greens should comprise 25-40% of your iguana’s diet.
  10. Bulky vegetables should comprise 25-40% of your iguana’s diet.
  11. Don’t assume that all fruit, greens, and vegetables are safe for your iguana. There are certain things an iguana should, and should not, eat.
  12. Sun is actually good for your iguana. Placing him near a window for exposure blocks the UV rays, and the UV rays are what the iguana needs. So plan to provide your iguana with some direct sunlight on a regular basis.

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