How to Choose An Enclosure for a Bearded Dragon!

When choosing an enclosure for a bearded dragon, a few key components should be
kept in mind for the well being of your pet. If you select an enclosure based on the
following recommendations, you are likely to have a content beardie!
To start – bearded dragons should have a minimum of at least 120 gallons of space –
a 4’ x 2’ x 2’ terrarium, but bigger is better, especially if you have a large or active
bearded dragon!

Opaque Walls Reduce Stress

Ideally, a bearded dragon enclosure should have 3 opaque (non-see through) walls
to reduce the risk of the bearded dragon becoming distressed at the sight of their
reflection. For bearded dragons that tend to glass surf, it is recommended to
use doors made of glass as they tend to be much more scratch resistant than acrylic.

Front Opening Design to Minimize Flight Response

The enclosure should be front-opening so care of your animal and habitat
maintenance can be completed without needing to reach over the bearded dragon’s head. Front
opening enclosures limit the need to potentially trigger your pet’s fight or
flight response when accessing their terrarium.

Wood VS PVC VS Glass

Terrariums made of wood and PVC are better at holding heat than those made of
glass. PVC is ideal if you are planning on making the enclosure bioactive, as wood may
warp and break down over time in the presence of moisture. Yes, even arid bioactive setups
require water!

Air Flow and Ventilation Promotes Proper Humidity

The top of the habitat should be made of screen so the humidity levels in the
enclosure stay within range. The type of enclosure top used should be able to withstand
the heat of a high wattage basking bulb and allow adequate penetration of UV light.

Enclosures That Grow with Your Dragon!

Enclosures that can be expanded over time are a great option for bearded
dragons, since you can add additional size onto the habitat as the dragon grows.
Check out Zen Habitats length and width extension kits to add more size to your
animals enclosure!

Important Note:

Many bearded dragons will utilize all of the space they are offered, including
climbing opportunities. Offering larger than minimum enclosure size will allow your pet
to exhibit natural behaviors and live a more enriching life!
Large enclosures are wonderful, but it is important to use the space
adequately. A 4x2x4 enclosure is twice the size of a 4x2x2, however if the enclosure is not
adequately set up for your animal to utilize the extra height, the extra space is wasted.


Example of an enclosure that a dragon can adequately utilize height and floor space!
4x2x4 Zen Habitats PVC Bamboo Enclosure

With the ability to expand over time, you can give your bearded dragon more
space as they grow and keep stress levels to a minimum with their front opening design!

Choose between bamboo OR their NEW black line for a habitat that matches your space!

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