12 Fun Bearded Dragon Toys & Enrichments Ideas

Having bearded dragons as pets is a huge responsibility as you need to take care of their health and diet and also keep them entertained. While providing food and a clean and threat-free environment, you might forget that the dragons in the wild used to have access to unlimited resources, and now it’s bound to a limited space, which becomes quite boring for them.

Like any other animal, bearded dragons need stimulation and toys can provide just that. Not only will they keep your pet occupied, but they can also help you bond with your dragon.

In this guide, we’ll share some of our favorite bearded dragon toys and suggest fun activities you can do with them to further enhance your pet’s enrichment. So, let’s get started!

Bearded Dragon Toys

Are you searching for ways to keep your bearded dragon occupied and happy? Lucky for you, there are plenty of fantastic toys available to choose from!

Beardies are low-maintenance creatures that don’t require extravagant or costly items. Basic toys can go a long way in providing your pet with amusement and enrichment. Check out some of the top toys for bearded dragons below.

1. Hides

Although hides may not seem like traditional toys, they are a great addition to a bearded dragon’s habitat. In the wild, bearded dragons love to explore confined spaces and burrow. However, most enclosures don’t have many places like that for them to use. This is where hides come in handy.

Hides are essentially miniature shelters or a home within a home for your beardie.

Hides provide your pet with additional privacy and a safe place to relax. There are many different shapes and sizes of hides available, ranging from large molded caves with multiple rooms and steps to climb, to DIY wooden shelters or overturned containers.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can easily create your own hide. Just make sure that whatever you use is large enough for your lizard to enter safely. Your bearded dragon will appreciate the extra space and the opportunity to explore new areas in their habitat.

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2. Cat toys

The name looks a little weird, and you might want to know the reason for this recommendation. Bearded dragons may not be feline companions, but they sure can enjoy playing with cat wands and teaser toys! These toys come with a hanging gadget on a lengthy wand that you can maneuver. All you have to do is move the wand in front of your bearded dragon and watch them go after it!

Much like cats, bearded dragons get hooked on these toys and will attempt to catch them with all their might. This can be an excellent way to keep your beardie entertained while also encouraging them to exercise a bit.

Moreover, these toys are quite affordable, and you can replace them if your reptile harms them in any way.

Just ensure to have the wand free of loose particles, as your beardie might ingest the loose particles unintentionally, which can cause health complications such as impaction.

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3. Playball

Your beardie may need a little push to get active and what better way to do it than a simple exercise ball! Not every bearded dragon will respond to the ball in the same way, but most of them will find it amusing.

Beardies usually use their snouts to push the ball around, and the more energetic lizards may hit it around like a pro. This will definitely be a fun and exciting sight for you to see.

To get the best results, you should choose a ball that is small, lightweight, and easy for your beardie to maneuver. Avoid heavy and bulky balls, and opt for light rubber balls, ping pong balls, or even cat toys.

When playing with your beardie, make sure to sit in an open area with enough space for your lizard to play around. Although they can also play with the ball inside their enclosure, it’s always better to give them more room to move and have fun. So go ahead and give your beardie a ball and watch them have a ball!

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4. Floaties

Did you know that swim floaties can make bath time much more fun for your bearded dragon? Some beardies simply hate taking baths and will do everything they can to escape. But with a floaty, your little guy can perch and cling onto it while you get them all cleaned up.

Even if your bearded dragon already enjoys swimming, a floating toy can still be a great addition to their playtime. They can swim over to it, climb on it, and leap off of it!

You can use a standard inflatable ring or raft, or even try using pieces of foam noodles that float. And if you really want to step up your game, you can even try inflatable slides or other pool toys. So give your beardie a chance to have some fun in the tub with a floaty or two!

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5. Crinkle ball

Crinkle balls are simply pieces of plastic or paper that have been folded into a round shape. Mylar is a common material used to make these balls, and the more you play with it, the more noise it makes. These balls can typically be found in the cat toy section of your local pet store.

These toys are perfect for engaging your lizard’s auditory senses. The sound they produce is not only entertaining but also provides enrichment for your bearded dragon, making them want to continue playing.

While pre-made crinkle balls are available, there is no need to spend a lot of money on them. Any crinkly paper will do!

To grab your lizard’s attention, give the paper or ball a bit of a rough up before setting it down next to them. Then, observe how they react to the toy.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to keep your bearded dragon entertained, give crinkle balls a try!

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6. Hammock

Bearded dragons simply love hammocks, and it’s not hard to see why. These toys are essential in any beardie habitat setup and provide great enrichment opportunities.

Hammocks are basically pieces of fabric or mesh that attach to the glass of the enclosure. They offer a cozy spot for your pet to bask in the light or relax. The best part is that your bearded dragon can enjoy the hammock whenever it wants, without you being present.

Hammocks come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. It’s essential to consider the size of your beardie and enclosure when selecting one. Bigger tanks usually work best with hammocks, but smaller enclosures can still benefit from them if placed in a corner.

Adding a hammock to your bearded dragon’s home is an easy way to enhance its quality of life without much effort. Your pet will love it, and you’ll love seeing it happy and relaxed.

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7. Tunnels

As we mentioned earlier, bearded dragons love to burrow. A tunnel is a perfect way to satisfy this urge while also keeping your pet secure.

You have a couple of options when it comes to tunnels. The first option is to install a tunnel within the enclosure. You can easily find small tunnels that look like rocks or overturned logs.

Alternatively, you can use a larger tunnel that is typically used for cats or large rodents. These toys are ideal when used outside of the habitat. Place the tunnel in an open space so that your bearded dragon can enjoy it freely.

Multi-tunnel toys that have multiple paths are the best. You can use a cat wand to encourage exploration. Some owners even like to put a few food items in the tunnels for their bearded dragon to hunt.

Overall, tunnels are a great way to keep your bearded dragon entertained and stimulated. Whether you decide to install a tunnel in the enclosure or use a larger toy, your pet will appreciate having a space to crawl through and explore.

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8. Mirrors

Did you know that bearded dragons are naturally solitary creatures? They tend to live on their own, and seeing other beardies around them can sometimes trigger an unwanted response. But here’s a little secret – you can use this behavior to your advantage!

Have you ever thought of using a mirror to keep your bearded dragon entertained? It’s simple! All you need to do is put an old mirror against the walls of their enclosure for about 15 minutes. Your lizard will likely mistake its reflection for another bearded dragon and react in different ways depending on its personality.

Some may get defensive and show signs of anger, like a black beard. Others may be intrigued and inch closer to investigate.

If the mirror seems to be upsetting them, retire it from your toy collection. And even if they seem to enjoy it, don’t leave the mirror by the cage all the time, as this can cause undue stress. Let them see it in short intervals so that they don’t feel threatened by their reflection.

So go ahead, give it a try and see if your bearded dragon enjoys their new toy!

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9. Feeder ball

Make mealtime more exciting with a feeder ball!

These clever toys for bearded dragons work on the same principle as those for dogs. Essentially, they’re simple balls that contain food. Your lizard must move the ball around to get at the food inside. This provides mental stimulation and entertainment all in one.

You may struggle to find a bearded dragon feeder ball in stores, so it’s best to make one yourself. We recommend using a lightweight wiffle ball for this purpose.

First, cover most of the holes in the ball with clear transparent tape, but leave one open. Then, fill the ball with live insects and place it next to your beardie.

As soon as your bearded dragon catches sight of the tasty bugs inside, they’ll do their best to get at them. With most of the holes blocked off, your pet will have to use their intelligence and cunning to figure out how to access the treats.

Your bearded dragon is sure to love this fun and interactive way of getting their food. Give it a try and see for yourself!

10. Bridge

Looking to spruce up your bearded dragon’s home? Bridges can be a simple and fun addition to their habitat. While not technically toys, bridges can be found in the decoration section of most pet stores. It’s important to ensure that the bridge is securely placed in the tank and won’t topple over, so consider using the substrate material to create modest hills for stability. Alternatively, you can simply set the bridge on top of the substrate.

Your bearded dragon will enjoy climbing on the bridge and using it as a perch to relax. Plus, if you have an arch-shaped bridge, it can even double as a hiding spot! Keep in mind that there are various bridge designs to choose from, but be sure to inspect it for any sharp points or hard edges that could harm your pet before installing it in their enclosure. So go ahead and add a bridge to your bearded dragon’s home for a fun and interesting addition to their space!

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11. Laser Pointer

Introducing the fantastic laser pointers! These little devices are perfect for entertaining your bearded dragon and giving them some much-needed exercise. Simply shine the laser on the floor and move it around until your reptile starts to give chase. Within seconds, you’ll have your lizard up and moving!

However, it’s important to note that laser pointers are not a toy that should be used all the time. It’s best to use them for just a few minutes a couple of times a week. If you use them too often, your beardie may catch on and realize that it’s not a real bug, causing them to lose interest.

Here’s a handy tip from the experts: lasers should be used with caution. Never shine the light directly in your bearded dragon’s face as the concentrated energy can damage their eyes. Instead, keep the laser pointed towards the floor and always a few inches ahead of them.

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12. Pim out their homes with excavator clay

This one is an incredible option and light on the pocket, too, as you can make tunnels of different designs over and over again, allowing more enrichment to the beardie’s environment.

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How to Play with a Bearded Dragon

Playing with your bearded dragon is an excellent way to enhance their quality of life and foster a deeper bond between you and your pet. Apart from offering them toys, engaging in fun playtime activities will keep your dragon active and healthy.

To enjoy some quality time with your reptilian friend, here are some ideas you can try out.

Window watching

Bearded dragons may react differently to the commotion around them; some would love to watch people and things move around them, whereas others will get intimidated depending on the personality of your bearded dragon. However, if your beardie loves to be around a crowd, do give them 15 minutes to sneak out of the enclosure and see the world around them.

If you find your beardie enjoying the sneaking time, you may move its enclosure closer to a window where it can have a look at the world moving around them. This will keep your beardie entertained at all times, without much trouble.

Screen time

Like humans, beardies also enjoy screentime, as the colorful pictures and movements keep them captivated and engaged. It’s similar to watching outside the window, but in a more captivating way where your beardie is introduced to an entirely different world.

You can introduce the screen watching for bringing your beardie along with you during the television time and let them get used to the environment. Once adjusted, your beardie will stay still and pay close attention to the visual display in front of him.

Taking them for a walk

Walking is as beneficial for beardies as they are for humans, as it keeps your bearded dragon indulged in physical activity along with a sense of entertainment as your beardie will see some new sights during its walk. You can’t let your beardie loose for the walk, so you must have a harness to keep your beardie under supervision.

Your beardie might get irritated with the harness at first; however, sooner, they’ll get used to it and be more considerate towards the fun part of the harness that is their walk time.

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A swim

Most of the bearded dragons love to swim and are excellent swimmers, whereas some would not like the idea of being in the water. You can check this by taking them out for a bath and see how your beardie reacts to it; if your beardie is having fun while bathing, then definitely a yes! You can bring him out again. In another case, don’t bring them to swim, as it will stress the bearded dragon.

You can add floaties to make their swimming experience better and lavishing. Furthermore, do not use chlorinated water for bathing your beardie, as the chemicals can damage the skin of your bearded dragon.


Your bearded dragons love to cuddle and snuggle as much as you do, as sociable reptiles love to interact with their owners. Apart from all the exercises, a relaxing cuddle will help your beardie enjoy new scenery.

During their screentime, you can do it when you’re watching television with your beardie; this gesture will make your beardie more comfortable with you and help them relax.

Introduce a stuffed animal

You can introduce a stuffed toy in the cage of your beardie, whom he can cuddle with and enjoy playing around with at his convenience. Bearded dragons love to play with soft stuffed toys, which provide the beardie with extra warmth.

It’s essential to check how your beardie reacts to the presence of a stuffed toy; if it gets intimidated and shows signs of agitation, then you may remove the toy to avoid giving extra stress to your bearded dragon.

Let them hunt their food

If you have a big enclosure, then make their mealtime fun by making them hunt their food. In the wild, bearded dragons hunt their food, as it’s their natural trait. However, in captivity, they get everything in front of them more like spoon-feeding, making the situation boring for them.

So have your beardie hunt down their food by leaving insects loose or using a cat wand or insect feeder to search for the food.

The Importance of Enrichment

Investing in toys and making time for play can significantly improve your bearded dragon’s quality of life.

In the wild, these majestic creatures have the freedom to explore and roam their natural habitat as they please. However, captive dragons don’t have the same level of freedom and often get bored in their basic enclosures.

That’s where toys come in handy! Not only do they provide much-needed mental stimulation, but they also promote exercise. With limited space to move around, many captive bearded dragons can gain weight, which can negatively impact their health and lifespan. Toys provide a fun way for them to burn off excess calories and stay active.

While bearded dragon toys may seem insignificant, they can make a world of difference in your pet’s life. By offering them various playthings, you can keep them entertained and prevent boredom, ensuring they lead an enriching life. Ultimately, providing our beardies with the best care and environment is what we all strive for, and toys are an essential part of that.

Frequently asked Questions

Do bearded dragons get lonely?

No, they are solitary reptiles by nature, which doesn’t let them get bored alone. However, to keep them stimulated, active and healthy, you need to introduce different methods of engaging them within the enclosure.

How often should you play with a bearded dragon?

As the beardies are fun-loving reptiles, you can do it every day; they would love to play and interact with their owners. Furthermore, playing will keep them fit and healthy.

What do beardies like in their tanks?

They love to have access to several resources, a natural imitation of the enclosure, and other decors and luxuries to play around with.


The bearded dragons in the wild can play whenever they want and however they want, but in the enclosure, they can’t do this by themselves because of a limited range of resources. So the responsibility comes on your shoulders, and you need to involve your beardie in multiple physical activities to keep them healthy, fit and happy too.

Use accessories such as a hammock, bridge, ball, feeder balls, cat toys to have fun playtime with your beardie. Furthermore, you may have them out for a walk, bring them to have movie time with you, take them swimming. All of these will stimulate your beardie’s mental health and keep them fit and happy.

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