Bearded Dragon Secret Manual Review (Is it Worth Your Money)

Bearded Dragons LOVE Being Spoiled…

They truly are some of the biggest babies you’ll ever meet…but you know what?


After all, there is no better feeling in the world than watching your happy, healthy dragon basking in complete contentment on their heated rocks. Or joining them on their adventures as they discover, explore, and chase down treats!

Yes, the life of a bearded dragon is truly charmed…for most.

The unfortunate truth is that many beardies out there are silently suffering because their owners were never shown how to care for them properly. 🙁

Our bearded dragons face a gambit of problems, from malnutrition to infections and disease.  Many even suffer from psychological issues as a result of poor environments and ignorant “care” from their owners.

If you want to give your dragon all the best…

And if you want to keep him happy, healthy, and full of life…

Then you’ve got to check out The Bearded Dragon Secret Manual.

Your dragon will thank you for it!

Now, I know some of you may think you know your stuff so I’ve personally outlined each chapter so I can see exactly what you’re getting with this book.

Chapter 1 – An Overview

This section of this manual helps new owners hit the ground running in this exciting hobby with tons of great background information on bearded dragons. You’ll discover everything from their natural habit to their taxonomy.

Did you know that some breeds of bearded dragons make much better pets than others? Read this chapter, and you’ll never bring home the wrong kind!

Chapter 2 – Selecting the Right Dragon for You

This chapter takes you through the entire selection process of selecting your dragon and includes a checklist of items you’ll need for its enclosure.

According to the manual, you should NEVER buy a bearded dragon without being able to identify health problems and understand beardie body language.

This chapter will make sure you pick out a happy and healthy dragon!

Chapter 3 – Setting Up the Enclosure

Another chapter full of solid suggestions followed up with sound reasoning. The author walks you through the various types of enclosures from store-bought to homemade.

I’d hate to be such a fear-monger, but there is some real life or death stuff in here. Did you know there are at least 50 common plants are poisonous to beardies? Or that some types of substrates (ground material) can cause health problems?

This chapter will teach you how to create an environment that will keep your dragon happy and healthy for years to come.

New owners will learn how to create a safe environment to keep their pet safe and healthy.

Experienced owners will discover the lethal hazards that could be lurking right in their cherished dragons enclosure!

Chapter 4 – Everyday Care

Just like any pet, bearded dragons need to be looked after and cared for. They must be washed, groomed, fed, and exercised. If you’ve ever wondered how to do any of these things, this chapter is for you.  There are some pretty creative ideas in here to keep your dragon healthy, fit, and proud. 🙂

Chapter 5 – Feeding Your Beardie

The bearded dragon diet is more complex then you might think. I was surprised to find that you should actually feed your insects before you feed them to your dragon. This is just one feeding tip out of many outlined in this chapter to keep your beardie in good health.

Chapter 6 – Breeding and Raising Hatchlings

This chapter contains a wealth of information on the topic of breading and raising the hatchlings.

First-time breeders will be happy to find the process clearly outlined and well organized. I would be confident breeding and raising beardies using this chapter as my guide and reference.

Chapter 7 – Keeping Your Beardie Healthy

This chapter is for ALL bearded Dragon owners.

Bearded dragons can get sick just like any living thing. This chapter will teach you how to identify if your dragon is sick and how to respond to bring him back to his happy, healthy self!

For me, the most important section is on “Preventive Health Care.” I’m a firm believer in being proactive when it comes to my pet’s health.

Aside from creating a happy and healthy life for your dragon, you’ll also save money on treatments, medications, and vet bills!

Who wrote the “Bearded Dragon Secret Manual”?

The “Bearded Dragon Secret Manual” was written by a reptile expert named Chris Johnson. Chris has been working with reptiles for over 20 years, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to caring for these creatures. He is a well-respected member of the reptile community, and has published numerous articles and blog posts on reptile care.

What makes the “Bearded Dragon Secret Manual” stand out?

One of the things that sets the “Bearded Dragon Secret Manual” apart from other reptile care guides is its thorough and easy-to-understand approach. It goes into great detail on each topic, but still manages to present the information in a way that is easy for even novice reptile owners to understand.

The manual also includes a number of bonus materials, such as a checklist of supplies you’ll need and a feeding chart to help you keep track of your bearded dragon’s diet.

In Conclusion

The “Bearded Dragon Secret Manual” is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to caring for bearded dragons. It was written by a reptile expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and includes a number of bonus materials to help you get started.

If you’re a bearded dragon owner looking for more information on how to care for your pet, or if you’re considering getting a bearded dragon and want to make sure you have all the necessary information, this manual is definitely worth checking out.

Giving your new friend a long, happy, healthy life isn’t hard IF you know how.

With the Help of The Bearded Dragon Secret Manuel, YOU CAN!

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