How to Give Bearded Dragon Medicine (The Easy Way)

There may come a time when your dragon may need medication. Depending on the disease Oral treatment may be prescribed by your vet.

Oral medication is fairly easy to administer but may present some challenges. It is generally not as complicated to treat a larger pogona than a baby.

Mixing medication into food will not ensure proper dosing. Depending on the potency and the medication itself. Adding medication to food will not work.

The best way to administer oral medication to your bearded dragon is as prescribed, Orally. The syringe needs to be inserted into the bearded dragon’s mouth. You may not be able to give the full dose in one shot so take your time.

Important Note: The syringe should not have a needle attached. Do not, under any circumstances, try to use a needle to administer oral medication to your bearded dragon.

With larger dragons, you may be able to gently grab skin under-jaw, their beard. Slowly pull down till mouth is opened. Then insert the syringe and push down the plunger. The next method is the best and easiest way to administer oral safely.

Administer oral medication for pogona

With one hand Grab your dragon’s head. Placing a finger under-jaw near the lip.

Slightly pinch or pull down the jaw or lip using only your thumb. Only to point that you are able to open the mouth enough for the syringe.

Administer oral medication with a syringe

Place the syringe into the opening and apply. As stated before, you don’t need to completely open the mouth. It only needs to be opened enough to slip the applicator in.

This should not hurt your dragon in any way. Depending on your dragon and how often you handle him/her, she/he should not jerk away.

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