How to Find the Perfect Vet for your Bearded Dragon

Why do you need a Veterinarian? Although your bearded dragon may only be a lizard in some people’s eyes, they quickly become family members to a vast majority. 

Bearded dragons with proper care and medical attention can live happily for up 10-15 years.  They make great pets and become as loved as a family dog or cat.  And like all creatures there comes a time when we need the helping hand of a medical professional.

It’s because of this it becomes important to do the homework to find the best Veterinarian possible.  By doing the questioning and research now to locate a good Reptile Veterinarian you will speed up the process of finding good medical help when the time comes. And this, at times can make the difference between a speedy recovery and the death of your pet.    Be prepared!

Whether trying to locate a Veterinarian for a dog, cat, bird, or reptile it takes research, time, and patience. 

Keep in mind that the training most Vets get in school on reptiles is very limited simply because they are not the normal household pet. But more and more people have become interested in exotics and some Veterinarians are doing continuing education seminars and prescribing to medical journals that contain needed information about the subject. 

There are several ways to start on your search for the perfect Vet for your Bearded Dragon or other reptiles.

First:  Look at your local telephone book and see if any of the local Vets advertise they have experience with Reptiles

Second:  Ask your fellow reptile owners who they use.   (This can actually be your best source for finding a vet who is knowledgeable with reptiles)

Third:  Call your local Vets office and ask if the Veterinarian does work on Reptiles, and do they have experience with  Bearded Dragons in particular.

Once you have selected a Veterinarian it’s a good idea to take your Bearded Dragon in for health physical.  Let the Veterinarian see your reptile in good health and go over any troubles or concerns the Veterinarian has observed. 

The vet will probably go over things like the diet you are feeding and housing conditions.  This is a great way to find out if you are feeding and housing properly.  Be prepared and take a list with any questions you might want to ask.

After the visit ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did the Vet recognize the type of lizard you have?  Bearded Dragons have become very popular and should be easily identified.
  2. Did he/she handle the lizard comfortably and with confidence?  (Your Vet should be relaxed and not uncomfortable around your reptile)
  3. Did your Vet take the time to answer all your questions and concerns?

It might take a couple of tries before finding the Veterinarian that you want to work with.  This is where Patience comes in.  But with a little investigation, you should be able to find medical help for your pet. 

Once you have found a Veterinarian who has reptile experience and that you feel comfortable working with share the good news with other fellow reptile owners.   The more experience your Vet gets the better he/she will be able to deal with your own Bearded Dragon’s needs.

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