Do Iguanas Drink Water? Iguana Water Requirements

Do iguanas need water? How much water do iguanas need to stay healthy? What is the best way to keep them hydrated? Keep reading to know everything about iguanas’ water requirements.

In the wild green Iguanas get their water from the morning dew on the leaves they eat. Green Iguanas do not have any sweat glands, consequently, they do not need to drink nearly as much fluids as their mammal counterparts.

Furthermore, since they are cold blooded, and can regulate their temperature via their dewlap and the changing colors of their skin they do not need to sweat in order to stay cool. The lizard family is exceptionally adapted to dry dessert like environments due to their water tight design…

Just because they can get along basically without it, does not mean they can go without. They need water!

Iguana Drinking Water

For those who have had the privilege of owning an iguana, are likely familiar with how infrequently iguanas drink water in front of us.

Moved by curiosity, I resolved to devote an entire three days to observing my pet iguana. To my surprise, I was finally able to see the rare sight of an iguana drinking water from a bowl.

Iguanas drnk water in a manner similar to dogs and cats, utilizing their tongues to lap up water. They cleverly use their tongues to scoop up the water and guide it into their mouths. However, witnessing this event is quite the rarity.

How Much Water Do Iguanas Need?

It’s a fascinating fact that iguanas have a specific hydration formula; they require roughly 20 ml of water for every 1 kg of their body weight. To put that into perspective, imagine a mature iguana tipping the scales at 4 kg would require a daily intake of approximately 80 ml of water. Though this amount may seem surprisingly small, it’s perfectly tailored to their physiological needs.

However, this is not a cap on their water consumption; it’s merely the minimum. Interestingly, these vibrant creatures can never overindulge in water. There is no such thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to their hydration. It’s always better for an iguana to drink more water rather than falling short of their requirement.

How to Keep an Iguana Hydrated?

Encouraging your iguana to consume more water may initially strike you as a daunting challenge. At times, it can appear as though no amount of effort could convince this exotic creature to hydrate more frequently.

Here are a few methods that can help you make your iguana drink more water.

1. Putting Fruits In Water

A good approach is to put a piece of their favorite leafy green floating on the surface while they are hungry.

By the way, if you see your iguana licking its lips over and over, it probably means his real hungry, this is a great time to teach them!

You can also put some