Do Iguanas drink water? Iguana Water Requirements

In the wild Green Iguanas get their water from the morning dew on the leaves they eat. Green Iguanas do not have any sweat glands, consequently, they do not need to drink nearly as much fluids as their mammal counterparts.

Furthermore, since they are cold blooded, and can regulate their temperature via their dewlap and the changing colors of their skin they do not need to sweat in order to stay cool. The lizard family is exceptionally adapted to dry dessert like environments due to their water tight design…

Just because they can get along basically without it, does not mean they can go without. They need water!

Make sure their food is fresh and moist

Iguanas should be misted daily, use a spray bottle, or even better an atomizer mister. If inside a large enclosure a humidifier will make happy iguanas. Check these out here!

Another good thing to have is a water bowl, get the heaviest dog bowl you can find as they like to stick their front legs in it and tip them over. Iguanas need to be taught to drink from a bowl as this does not come naturally.

Every time you bring your Green Iguana Pet some food, show him the water bowl. Put it right in front of his face, tap the water with your finger so he can see it splash around, put his front feet in it if it’s large.

A good approach is to put a piece of their favorite leafy green floating on the surface while they are hungry. By the way, if you see your iguana licking its lips over and over, it probably means his real hungry, this is a great time to teach them!

Another good way to hydrate them is with Monkey-Chow. This biscuit, usually in the bird section of your local pet shop, should be soaked in water until it expands and becomes nice and soft, like a wet sponge. Iguanas LOVE monkey-chow, but don’t overdo it, they should only be offered as a treat.

I generally don’t give them more than 2 a week. Make sure to say the words “Monkey Chow!” as you offer them the treat, they will learn to associate the words and it can later be used to find your iguana if they are lost and hungry.

If you are feeling really advanced, you can teach iguanas to drink from water bottles (like the ones used for hamsters, rats, etc). Get the largest you can find, and save up so you can get the Glass bottle, the water will taste better, be healthier, and stay fresh longer.

These are great for when you leave the iguana unattended for extended periods of time. Begin training your pet iguana by putting the tip of the bottle within licking distance of the iguana, naturally, they will lick it, iguanas lick EVERYTHING.

I like to keep a full water bottle by their basking site (where they get hot and thirsty) and a large water bowl on the opposite corner.

Large water bowls are much loved by Iguanas. They love to sit inside them, and often poop inside them. So make sure to clean them daily and to have a cleaner alternative available for them. The advantage of their water poops is that it makes it easy to clean after them. Check water bowl prices on amazon.

All this being said, you may not see your iguana drink for years on end. So no worries, just make sure their food is nice and juicy and you should be safe. you should always look at their scat (poop) and see how watery it is, if it’s not wet and messy they are dehydrated.

If you are lucky you can get them to drink from your cupped hand!

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