Do Bearded Dragon Burp? Explained Here

Bearded dragons are fascinating pets that never cease to amaze us. It is natural for the owners to worry when our beardie does something strange or unusual. One of the unusual things bearded dragons can do is burp.

Yes, you heard that right. Bearded dragons can indeed burp! They burp to release air from their stomach through the mouth. Beardies burp when they drink too much water. Some foreign objects, such as sand and other hard objects stuck in their stomach, can also make them burp.

You can clearly see a bearded dragon burping in this video.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Burp?

Well, basically, it is the same reason humans do – because they ate too much or drank too much! When a dragon drinks too much, its stomach gets overloaded, and the gas has to go somewhere. So it comes up through the throat and out the mouth in the form of a burp.

Another reason why bearded dragons burp is when they eat something hard that they cannot digest.

Is Burping a Sign Of Respiratory Infection in Bearded Dragons?

Burping is not a sign of health problems. You should not confuse burping with coughing or a wheezing sound that beardies make when they have respiratory infections.

If your bearded dragon has its mouth open and has other respiratory symptoms, such as wheezing or coughing, it might have a respiratory infection, and you should take it to the vet.

You should not let your dragon drink too much water. If they are overhydrated, they can aspirate it easily and get lung infections. Not that it is happening now to your lizard, but it may happen if you keep giving it excessive water.

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Burp Continuously?

A possible reason for continuous burping in bearded dragons may be an indication of impaction. Some symptoms of impaction include loss of appetite, not pooping, and lethargy. If you think your bearded dragon may have impaction, take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Beards develop gastrointestinal impactions and complications for several reasons, including swallowing sand, stones, and hard substances.

Difference Between Bearded Dragon Burp and Gasping

There is a big difference between burping and gasping. Bearded dragons will usually gasp when basking. This way, they try to regulate their body temperature. The gasping helps them inhale air into their lungs.

If you see your beardie gasping, check the tank’s temperature and make sure it is in the desired range.

On the other hand, if your beardie is constantly gasping and having difficulty breathing, then your beardie might have a respiratory infection. You should see a vet immediately if you notice any signs of infection.


Its normal for bearded dragons to burp when they drink too much water. Eating sand or stones stuck in their stomach can also make them burp. If your beardie is continuously burping, lethargic, and not eating, take it to a vet immediately to rule out any health concerns.

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