Bearded Dragon Impaction – Signs, Treatment & Preventions

Bearded dragons, just like us, can sometimes have trouble with their bowel movements. But for them, impaction is a much more serious problem than just constipation or bloating, which usually goes away quickly. Unlike us, they can’t just take an antacid or eat a banana to fix the problem. So, if your bearded dragon is suffering from impaction, don’t worry, this guide will help you both prevent it and find a cure.

What is Bearded Dragon Impaction?


When a bearded dragon has impaction, it means there is a solid or semi-solid mass blocking its digestive tract. This is a very serious issue and can even be deadly for a bearded dragon.

The problem with impaction is that it can prevent your bearded dragon from being able to have a bowel movement. You need to take action right away to fix this problem.

What Causes Bearded Dragon Impaction?

There are several reasons why bearded dragons can get impacted, including using unsafe substrate, feeding them hard-to-digest food, having incorrect temperatures in their tank, and more.

Let’s discuss the most common reasons below.

1. Loose Substrates

It’s important to know that not all substrates are safe for your bearded dragon. Loose substrates like Calci-Sand, play sand, and pellets can lead to impaction. Over time, if your bearded dragon eats too much of this type of substrate, it can cause blockages in their digestive system. This can happen if they accidentally eat it while hunting their food or eating their greens if they’re not kept in a dish.

Also, be aware that some manufacturers may make false claims on their packages, saying their product is “digestible” or “safe.” Don’t be fooled by these false claims! Unfortunately, there is little regulation on reptile products, allowing manufacturers to make irresponsible claims.

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