Cool Names for Blue-Tongue Skinks

Naming your pet blue-tongue skink sounds interesting, but sometimes it’s difficult to pick a suitable name for your reptile. Every skink has different physical and personality attributes, which make the reptile unique from the rest of the blue-tongue skinks. So, it’s crucial to choose a name for your reptile as per its personality traits.

Following are some ways to choose a good name for your reptile.

Descriptive Skinks Names

Descriptive names refer to naming your pet bluey according to its physical traits, depending on how small or big, bright or plain it looks. Some examples of descriptive names are listed below:

Shortie: You can name your reptile shortie if its size is smaller than regular blue-tongue skinks.

Jade: A name was chosen on the color of the blue-tongue skink.

Slowly: It is a name chosen on the pace of the reptile pet.

Other names are listed below.

StumpySlimyNattyTiny Scarlet
PinkyVictorianSluggish Brownie

Funny Names That Make You Smile

Sometimes your reptile blue-tongue skink may bring a smile on your face, by its funny appearance of silly stunts; which may compel you to give it a funny name. Imagine seeing your blue-tongue skink without a tail or a hump on the back. Funny right? Or your skink stupidly chasing its tail, or a bug can be a hilarious sight to witness and may end up giving a funny name to the pet. 

Some funny names are mentioned below.


Butch Names

It refers to naming your pet bluey after a historical legend. Some names for your reference are given below.

King ArthurPendragonTiberiusFuzz
Annie JonesShadow Helen Antonia Jenifer Miller
Madam JosephineJane BarnellKrao FarinHanaan Kaur

Names From Literature And Movies

Naming your pet blue-tongue skink after a movie or literature character can be fun. Some best options are;

SmaugToothlessMaleficient Peril
DartLiz JoanaSunny

List of baby blue tongue skink names

Some names of baby blue-tongue skinks are suggested below.

StitchSkittle SnifferTwinkle 
Dracula GlitterCrocoChorizo

Blue-tongue skink names for females

If you want to go for gender-specific names, following is a list of names you can use to choose for your female blue-tongue skink.

KehlaniKabiraSiren Keva
SierraStella AuroraSkylar
HarpieBella HallieHoney 
Bonita CrissieBonnieDiva
TabathaTabiaThalia Uma

Blue-tongue skink names for males

Some names for male blue-tongue skinks are suggested below;


Unisex blue tongue skink names


Choosing a Name

You need to consider several factors for naming the skink, including gender, age, and personality traits. This article will give you complete details about choosing a good name for your reptile and recommend some good pet names for your blueys. 

How to choose a suitable name for your pet Blue Tongue skink?

Choosing the right name for your pet blue-tongue skink may seem arduous; however, knowing your skink’s gender and personality traits may help, like putting the last jigsaw piece together. You can name the bluey depending on its gender, or if you are unaware of the gender, it’s best to choose a unisex name. 

Choosing a name for your blue tongue skink before you know its gender

If you have a juvenile blue-tongue skink and don’t know its gender, it’s best to choose a unisex name for your pet. Later after 5-8 months, when you determine the gender of your reptile pet, you may select a name that sounds similar to its last name. 

How Do I Determine My Pet Blue Tongue Skink’s Gender?

Distinguishing a male from female gender may seem an onerous task, yet if you keep an eye on your juvenile bluey, you might be able to determine the two during the age of 5-8 months. The males will have seminal plugs and eversion of hemipenes during excretion. On the other hand, you’ll have to do an ultrasound for females after 24 months. 

The body size of the two genders differs from each other. Females are surprisingly longer than the male blueys. The head of the male blue tongue skink is larger and broader than females and tends to be heavier than female blueys.

Another way to determine the gender is to keep the two blueys together for some time. You’ll see the male bluey chasing down and mounting the other one. In the end, if you’re unable to determine the gender after this, it’s best to contact a pet expert.

Naming Female Or Male Blue Tongue Skinks

As you watch your pet bluey enjoying their time in or outside the enclosure, you may get inspired by any small or cute gesture of the reptile, which you would use as a baseline to name your pet. The reptiles are also named based on their characters and feelings.

Blue Tongue Skink Facts

Some interesting facts that you must inform yourself about are listed below.

  • Although their name and appearance may look venomous, blue-tongue skinks are completely safe and friendly.
  • They love to stay confined to the area allotted to them. Everything outside that will remain foreign to them.
  • Basking under the sun is one of their favorite activities.
  • Catching and selling blue-tongue skinks is illegal in some parts of the world.
  • They are pretty easy to handle and have a calm disposition.
  • They are the biggest of all the skink species.
  • The price of blueys depends on the size, age, and species you’re purchasing. 


Naming your reptile blue-tongue skink is challenging and a fun task. The task is quite tricky, as you must name the reptile according to the gender, or personality trait, or may choose to name it after a legend, a fictional character from a movie, or a book. 

Last but not least, don’t rush in naming your blue-tongue Skink. Take your time to observe the personality, gender, and physical traits to choose the best one for your reptile pet.

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