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300+ Blue Tongue Skink Names: Find the Perfect Name for Your Pet

Bringing a new blue tongue skink into your life is an exciting adventure. These captivating reptiles, with their vibrant scales and distinct blue tongues, make for enchanting companions. However, there’s one aspect of welcoming a blue tongue skink into your family that can prove surprisingly challenging—the task of naming them.

Naming any pet can be a daunting process, but blue tongue skinks present a unique challenge. Unlike dogs or cats, whose characteristics and traits may inspire certain names, blue tongue skinks are a bit more enigmatic. With their alien-like appearance and mysterious nature, finding the perfect name that suits their individuality can be a perplexing endeavor.

But fear not! This post is here to help you navigate the naming conundrum. We’ve compiled an extensive list of potential blue tongue skink names, encompassing a wide range of themes and inspirations. Whether you’re seeking a name that reflects their striking coloration, their playful nature, or even something that resonates with their Australian heritage, this list is bound to have something that resonates with you and your unique skink.

Blue Tongue Skink Names Inspired by Color

  1. Bluey: A classic and straightforward name. After all, blue tongue skinks are famous for their vibrant blue tongues!
  2. Azure: An elegant name inspired by their striking blue tongues and a unique choice for those looking for something a bit fancy.
  3. Indigo: A bit more unusual, this name is a nod to the deeper, more mysterious shades of blue.
  4. Sapphire: Named after the precious gemstone, Sapphire is an excellent name for a skink with a rich blue tongue.
  5. Silver: Some blue tongue skinks have a silvery sheen to their scales. If yours has this, Silver is a fitting name.
  6. Goldie: Does your skink have a warm, golden hue on its scales? Then Goldie might be a great choice for you.
  7. Mocha: For those with brown-tinted skinks, why not name them after this loved coffee blend?

One of my blue tongue skinks has a unique cream and brown pattern on its scales, so I named her “Latte.” It fits her perfectly and always gets a smile when people hear it for the first time.

  1. Copper: A distinctive name for a skink with a reddish-brown hue on its scales.
  2. Onyx: If your skink has dark or black scales, Onyx could be the perfect name.
  3. Pearl: A beautiful choice for skinks with lighter scales, reminiscent of precious pearls.

Remember, these names are just a starting point. The best name for your skink is one that you feel a personal connection to and which you think suits your pet’s personality and appearance. It’s always fun to explain, “I named my skink ‘Mocha’ because her scales remind me of my favorite morning coffee!” So take your time, observe your little buddy, and I’m sure you’ll land on a name that’s just perfect!

Blue Tongue Skink Names Inspired by Personality

When choosing a name for our delightful blue tongue skinks, one factor that often goes overlooked is personality. Just like us, these unique creatures have their own character traits that set them apart. As a blue tongue skink parent myself, I can tell you that their distinctive personalities can be a gold mine when searching for that perfect name.

Let’s explore some names inspired by the varied personalities of our quirky skink friends!

Adventurous Skinks: Does your skink love exploring their surroundings with a sparkle in their eye? Here are some name suggestions that might fit their spirit:

  • Explorer
  • Wanderer
  • Indiana Jones

Relaxed Skinks: Some skinks just love to lounge about, basking under their heat lamp. Consider these laid-back names:

  • Siesta
  • Lounger
  • Chill Bill

Playful Skinks: Then there are those who love to play, bringing life to any enclosure. These names could be a great match:

  • Jester
  • Merry
  • Giggles

Remember, there’s no right or wrong name for your skink. It’s all about capturing their unique personality in a name that you love. Watching and understanding your blue tongue skink can be just as rewarding as finding that perfect name that suits them to a tee.

Blue Tongue Skink Names Inspired by Origin of Species or Native Habitat

Ever considered naming your blue tongue skink after something unique to its origin or habitat? These fascinating creatures hail from Australia and parts of Indonesia, which is home to some of the most vibrant and diverse wildlife and landscapes on the planet. Drawing inspiration from these rich environments can result in some pretty cool and fitting names for your new pet!

  1. Outback – Named after the vast, remote, and arid areas of Australia, a perfect fit for a resilient and hardy skink!
  2. Savannah – While this might usually bring to mind the grasslands of Africa, it’s also an Australian term for their grasslands, where some species of blue tongue skinks dwell.
  3. Sydney – Named after Australia’s famous city, this could be a unique way to pay homage to the skink’s native land.
  4. Kimberly – A region in Western Australia known for its wilderness, this would be a unique and meaningful name for your skink.
  5. Java – This name is inspired by the Indonesian island, part of the native habitat of some blue tongue skink species.

Unique or Creative Blue Tongue Skink Names

Below, I’ve gathered a collection of distinctive, humorous, and endearing names that I think really capture the essence of a blue tongue skink. Whether you’re an experienced owner or a soon-to-be skink parent, you’ll find a treasure trove of ideas here that will suit your reptilian friend perfectly.

  1. Bloo: Inspired by their defining feature, Bloo gives a playful twist to their iconic blue tongue.
  2. Azure: Reflects the exotic beauty of your skink, reminiscent of the clear blue sky.
  3. Comet: For the skink that moves with a surprising turn of speed when it spots its favorite treat!
  4. Pixel: Perfect for the digital-age skink that seems to understand when you’re filming them for Instagram!
  5. Crunch: If your skink enjoys the crunchy delicacy of mealworms, then this name is a fun choice.
  6. Mango: Named after their love for the sweet, tropical fruit, Mango captures their endearing appetites!
  7. Sapphire: A majestic name for a skink with a tongue that shines like a precious blue gem.
  8. Ziggy: Reminiscent of the zigzag pattern on their bodies, Ziggy is a catchy and unique name.

As an experienced blue tongue skink owner, I’ve noticed that these curious critters often respond to their names, especially when it’s snack time! For example, my own blue tongue skink, named Pixel, perks up the moment I call his name. So, choose a name that feels just right and reflects their unique personalities.

Descriptive Skinks Names

Descriptive names refer to naming your pet bluey according to its physical traits, depending on how small or big, bright or plain it looks. Some examples of descriptive names are listed below:

Shortie: You can name your reptile shortie if its size is smaller than regular blue-tongue skinks.

Jade: A name was chosen on the color of the blue-tongue skink.

Slowly: It is a name chosen on the pace of the reptile pet.

Other names are listed below.

  • Slimy
  • Victorian
  • Creepy
  • Creepy
  • cappuccino
  • Tiny Scarlet
  • Brownie
  • Skeletal
  • Kiwi
  • Bluey

Funny Names That Make You Smile

Sometimes your reptile blue-tongue skink may bring a smile on your face, by its funny appearance of silly stunts; which may compel you to give it a funny name. Imagine seeing your blue-tongue skink without a tail or a hump on the back. Funny right? Or your skink stupidly chasing its tail, or a bug can be a hilarious sight to witness and may end up giving a funny name to the pet. 

Some funny names are mentioned below.

  • Rango
  • Charmander
  • Juana
  • Lickety
  • Diablo
  • Stinky
  • Spot
  • Split
  • Gordizilla
  • Shiko
  • Dino
  • Humpy
  • Rico
  • Skinky
  • Havoc
  • Frito

Butch Names

It refers to naming your pet bluey after a historical legend. Some names for your reference are given below.

  • King Arthur
  • Annie Jones
  • Madam Josephine
  • Pendragon
  • Shadow 
  • Jane Barnell
  • Tiberius
  • Helen Antonia 
  • Krao Farin
  • Fuzz
  • Jenifer Miller
  • Hanaan Kaur

Names From Literature And Movies

Naming your pet blue-tongue skink after a movie or literature character can be fun. Some best options are;

  • Smaug
  • Dart
  • Storm
  • Norbert
  • Toothless
  • Liz 
  • Almondine
  • Ginger
  • Maleficient 
  • Joana
  • Alphys
  • Rambo
  • Peril
  • Sunny
  • Shaupavu

Baby Blue Tongue Skink Names

Some names of baby blue-tongue skinks are suggested below.

  • Honey
  • Scaly
  • Stitch
  • Topaz
  • Dracula 
  • Copper
  • Omega
  • Echo
  • Skittle 
  • Zappy
  • Glitter
  • Hunter
  • Moonlight
  • Smokey
  • Sniffer
  • Vanity
  • Croco
  • Rocket
  • Hypno
  • Hannibal
  • Twinkle 
  • Tourmaline
  • Chorizo
  • Indigo

Female Blue Tongue Skink Names

If you want to go for gender-specific names, following is a list of names you can use to choose for your female blue-tongue skink.

  • Karma
  • Kehlani
  • Sierra
  • Harpie
  • Belva
  • Bonita 
  • Gigi
  • Tabatha
  • Adonia
  • Nessie
  • Xena
  • Kitana
  • Jade
  • Kabira
  • Stella 
  • Bella 
  • Isa
  • Crissie
  • Bloom
  • Tabia
  • Angel
  • Nala
  • Sugar
  • Juno
  • Savannah
  • Siren 
  • Aurora
  • Hallie
  • Isabella
  • Bonnie
  • Carmen
  • Thalia 
  • Cleopatra
  • Model
  • Ruby
  • Gala
  • Jen
  • Keva
  • Skylar
  • Honey 
  • Isadora
  • Diva
  • Sophia
  • Uma
  • Dora
  • Zelda
  • Poppy
  • Elsa

Male Blue Tongue Skink Names

Some names for male blue-tongue skinks are suggested below;

  • Bahamut
  • Blizzard
  • Invictus
  • Cosmo
  • Lars
  • Smurf
  • Venom
  • Vlodie
  • Bently
  • Jagger
  • Helios
  • Drake
  • Romeo
  • Ranger
  • Theo
  • Zeus
  • Blaze
  • Hero
  • Larry
  • Flash
  • Matrix
  • Scar
  • Thor
  • Ziggy
  • Bronx
  • Hector
  • Kruger
  • Lucifer
  • Mark
  • Ringo
  • Xavier
  • Sherlock

Unisex Blue Tongue Skink Names

  • Chorizo
  • Burrito
  • Indigo
  • Scaly
  • Zircon
  • Azure
  • Checker
  • Shorty
  • Puffer
  • Zappy
  • Agate
  • Blueball
  • Sniffer
  • Hypno
  • Bombay
  • Bluey
  • Berry
  • Skittle
  • Tourmaline
  • Blueberry
  • Echo
  • Glitter
  • Stitch
  • Topaz
  • Azurite

Factors to Consider When Naming Your Blue Tongue Skink

As someone who’s been a happy parent to blue tongue skinks for many years, I can say with confidence that naming these adorable creatures is an absolute joy. However, it does come with its own set of challenges and considerations. After all, you’ll be calling your new friend by this name for a good while, so it’s worth taking some time to pick just the right one. Here are some factors I found helpful to consider when naming my own blue tongue skinks:

  1. Personality: Every blue tongue skink has a unique personality, and you’ll start to notice this pretty quickly once you bring them home. Some are a bit shy, while others are bold explorers. Keep an eye on your skink’s behaviors and quirks – these can provide some fantastic naming inspiration.
  2. Appearance: Blue tongue skinks are known for their distinctive looks. Their shiny, smooth scales come in a range of colors and patterns, and of course, they have that famous bright blue tongue! You might want to pick a name that reflects your skink’s physical characteristics.
  3. Size and Species: Skinks are not one-size-fits-all creatures. Different species of blue tongue skinks have different sizes and distinctive features, so take these into consideration. For example, a large and stout Northern skink might suit a different name than a leaner Eastern skink.
  4. Origin and Habitat: The name of your skink can also be inspired by their natural habitats or countries of origin. Blue tongue skinks are native to Australia and Indonesia, so you might consider using a name that reflects these cultures.
  5. Ease of Use: Remember, you’ll be using this name quite a lot! Make sure it’s a name you like saying and one that’s easy to pronounce. You might also want to think about how it might sound when called out loud, just in case your skink decides to go on a little adventure around your home.
  6. Your Interests: Finally, consider your own interests. Are you a fan of movies, music, literature, or history? Maybe there’s a character or a historical figure you admire. Your pet’s name is a reflection of who they are, but it’s also a reflection of you!

One of the greatest joys of having a blue tongue skink as a pet is building that unique bond with them, and part of that bond is encapsulated in the name you choose. Don’t rush the process. Take your time, get to know your new friend, and when the perfect name strikes you, you’ll know. And hey, if you’re stuck, stay tuned for the list of 300+ names coming up in the next sections. Maybe the perfect name for your new buddy is just a scroll away!

Remember, there’s no right or wrong name for your pet. As long as you choose it with love and consideration, your blue tongue skink is sure to appreciate it—or at least not mind it while munching on their favorite treat!


Naming your reptile blue-tongue skink is challenging and a fun task. The task is quite tricky, as you must name the reptile according to the gender, or personality trait, or may choose to name it after a legend, a fictional character from a movie, or a book. 

Last but not least, don’t rush in naming your blue-tongue Skink. Take your time to observe the personality, gender, and physical traits to choose the best one for your reptile pet.

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