Red-Eared Sliders Checklist (Things Needed for Habitat Setup)

Red-Eared Sliders can make great pets but their care is relative complicated and you need to be equipped with the right tools. If you have made your mind and still want a red-eared slider then this post is for you. In order to properly care for your slider you will need a number of things.

Following is a list of all the supplies and equipment you’ll need to provide a proper home for Red Eared Sliders.


Red-eared slider grow very quickly and can reach its full size in 2 to 4 years. Female can grow to 8-12 inches both length and width while male can reach to a max of 6 inches. Since they are active, they will need a larger aquarium. A 55-75 gallon aquarium is recommended for female sliders while you can house a male in a 30 gallon but remember, the bigger the better.


You need to make sure the water inside the aquarium is clean at all times. For this you will have to install a water filter inside the aquarium. A wide variety of purposed made submersible and canister filters are now available and they are not very expensive either.

Feeding Enclosure

Feeding enclosure is optional but a good idea. A separate feeding enclosure helps a lot as you won’t need to change water too frequently.

Water Heater

The temperature inside the red-eared slider aquarium should be between 76- and 82-degrees F. For that you will need a submersible water heater.


To correctly gauge temperature, you will need to install a thermometer inside the aquarium.

Heat Bulb

You will need to provide a warmer area for the red-eared sliders where they can bask. Temperature at the basking area should be between 85-90 F. You can use an incandescent “spot type” bulb to heat the basking area. Usually a heat bulb is enough to warm the whole enclosure but in case it doesn’t then you will have to also add a ceramic heater or red/black night bulbs.

Ultra Violet-B (UVB) Bulb

Read Eared sliders need daily exposure to UVB light to stay healthy. Your pet turtle should be able to bask within 6 to 12 inches range from the UVB bulb.


Red-eared sliders do good in bare bottom aquariums


Red-eared sliders are carnivorous when they are young but will mostly eat plants when they grow and get older.

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