Top 5 Best Bearded Dragon Thermometers

Bearded dragons need specific temperature ranges in order to properly metabolize their food, absorb calcium, and regulate their body temperature. The temperature in their enclosure needs to be somewhere between 95°F (35°C) to 110°F (43°C).

To accurately measure the temperature, you will need to invest in a reliable thermometer. Guessing the temperature can be unreliable and could potentially have serious consequences for your pet’s health.

Bearded dragon thermometers should be accurate and easy to read without costing a fortune. The best thermometer will also be easy to install, and sturdy.

In this article, we give our review on the five best bearded dragon thermometers. We share in-depth reviews, build quality information, and what we like about each thermometer. By the end of our guide, you will be able to pick the best thermometer for your bearded dragon.

Five Best Thermometers for Bearded Dragons

Editor’s PickThermometerOur Rating
Best OverallEtekcity lasergrip infrared thermometer5
Best 2 in 1Exo Terra LED Rept-O-Meter Digital Combination5
Most AffordableZoo Med Digital Thermometer4.6

1. Etekcity Lasergrip Infrared Thermometer

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The Etekcity laser grip infrared thermometer is a great option if you’re looking for a good product at a reasonable price. Even though the design might look a little cheap at first, this thermometer is very durable and can last you a very long time.

This temperature gun can measure from -58F to 715F. Since it comes with a Laser design, you can get a quicker and much more accurate reading. The 9V battery lasts super long and it’s easy to change. It has a backlit display that turns off automatically when you’re not using it, for longer battery life.

You can even check the temperature of your bearded dragon’s bathwater with this! It can read the temperature from 14 inches away. Other than using this for your bearded dragon, you can also use this thermometer for cooking, electronic devices, and more!


  • Accurate
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Durable


  • The 9v battery is expensive

2. Zoo Med Digital Thermometer

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The Zoo med Digital thermometer makes it super simple to keep an eye on the temperature of your bearded dragon’s enclosure! All you have to do is put the thermometer in the cage, turn the display on, and you can check the temperature right away. Plus, the display is Digital, so you won’t be spending hours figuring out whether the reading is right or wrong.

It’s made from plastic and comes with a remote sensor. You can set it to Fahrenheit and Celsius, depending on what you prefer. The cord on the remote sensor is around 39 inches. It also comes with a suction cup so you can mount it and the display unit.

This Digital thermometer has a 1-year warranty from Zoo med, so it should last you around that long, at the very least. For most people, this lasts them for more than 2 years, and for a product under $10, I’d say that’s pretty good.


  • Easy to use
  • Digital readings
  • Long battery life with the battery included.


  • Might be difficult to read from the small Digital display
  • The battery is difficult to change

3. Keynice digital thermometer

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The keynice digital bearded dragon thermometer comes with a cable around 3.3 feet long and a remote temperature sensor. It can measure from -58 degrees to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. The large Digital display on it makes it very easy to read.

It’s powered by a USB. Since you won’t be constantly using it, it’s not very practical to power it using your computer’s USB port. Instead, you should get a USB adapter for your power outlet.

All you need to do is put the probe into your bearded dragon’s tank, then the thermometer’s LCD display will tell you the reading. The build quality is pretty durable and doesn’t feel flimsy at all, which is great considering the cheap price tag.

The temperature reading updates around every 2 seconds automatically, which gives you a pretty accurate reading. The probe is made from stainless steel, so it won’t be rusting anytime soon.


  • Cheap
  • Stainless steel probe
  • Both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Gives accurate reading


  • Takes extra power
  • Needs to be near a USB port or needs an adapter

4. Exo Terra Thermometer/Hygrometer Combination Reader

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On our list of best thermometers for bearded dragons we have The Exo Terra Thermometer/Hygrometer Combination Reader. It has a variety of features and functions that will guide you in providing the best possible care for your reptile. It’s simple to use and features a great memory function that allows you to track your habitat’s surroundings over time.

You can display the lowest and highest humidity/temperature measurements and compare them to the current measurements by pressing a single button on the front of the machine. This is a great way to keep track of your reptile’s surroundings.

It is ready to use as soon as you remove it from the packing and may be quickly installed using one of two methods, depending on the size of your terrarium/tank. There is a hook & loop fastener included, or you can slide it into position if you already own an Exo Terra terrarium.

They have included a hook and loop fastener in the box, or you could just slide it into the right position if you already have an Exo Terra terrarium.


  • You can put the sensor outside and the display outside
  • Long cable
  • Accurate


  • The temperature feature takes a while to fully stabilize

5. AcuRite Pro

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The AcuRite ProHygrometer features a big LCD screen display that contains all of the readings you’ll need at one glance, making it simple and accurate to monitor.

From the top right-hand side of the interface, you can easily check low/high values throughout 24 hours. It is really accurate, as well as straightforward and simple to use and work with. It is, without a doubt, the most user-friendly hygrometer on the list.

It comes with a complete year warranty and a support staff you can contact if you have any problems or inquiries. Despite its many advantages, mounting the AcuRite is difficult. It was not created with us in mind for reptile cages.

It features a magnet on its back instead of sucker caps or other mounting options. Of course, this isn’t really suitable, and it makes it difficult to place. If you choose the AcuRite, you’ll have to mount it on a substrate or another flat surface in the enclosure.


  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Large display


  • Magnet mounting is not the best for bearded dragon cages
  • Expensive

How to Pick the Best Thermometer?

two bearded dragons sitting on top on each other in the terrarium


It comes as no surprise that reliable temperature readings are required to guarantee that the proper temperature ranges for your dragon’s home are made. This is a must since your bearded dragon’s health is at stake! Always have an additional thermometer available to double-check the accuracy of the ones in your cage.

Power source

Most digital thermometers will require batteries to operate, so keep that in mind while making your decision. It’s a good idea to invest in rechargeable batteries in order to reduce waste and operating expenses associated with disposable batteries. However, certain thermometers can be plugged in, so you didn’t have to think about changing the batteries.


Because you’ll be using your thermometer frequently, it’s a good idea to invest in a durable, long-lasting one. In particular, the thermometer near your basking location, which might take a hammering in the high heat.

A thermometer’s endurance ensures that it doesn’t break down abruptly and without you knowing, resulting in inaccurate temperature readings. If the temperature goes too low, your beardie may have health issues such as loss of appetite.

Way of Reading the Temperature

The temperature of an item may be measured directly using a probe by measuring the item’s resistivity. This is super accurate, but it will measure the temperature of an object directly, so the ambient temps in your tank may not be precisely represented.

Another way to get a reading is using infrared light, which is the most effective and fastest approach. These are found in temperature guns and are quite useful since you can point them at anything and get an exact temperature reading.

Finally, some thermometers measure an area’s ambient temperature. It normally takes some time for these devices to stabilize and reliably determine the temperature of an area.

Fahrenheit or Celsius

Despite the fact that most thermometers can flip between several temperature units, you should be sure the one you buy shows the one you want. You don’t want to convert all the time! You might want to look for thermometers with a big display so you wouldn’t have to peek into your tank as much when reading it.

What are the Different Kinds of Thermometers?

A Bearded Dragon in the sun

Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometers are battery-powered thermometers with a resistor probe. They have a tiny digital LCD screen that displays the temperature measurement and are typically highly accurate. Digital thermometers with probes are ideal for measuring the temperature of specific areas of your tank, such as the hot and cold zones.

2 in 1 thermometer

Many thermometers have a built-in hygrometer or humidity gauge that can be used to measure the humidity level in your enclosure. These are particularly convenient since you can use just one gadget to monitor your tank’s temperature and humidity levels. Make sure you buy a decent type for these, since you’ll need to make sure both readings are correct.

Analog thermometer

Analog thermometers do not require batteries and display the temperature measurement by turning a dial against a printed temperature scale. They work by utilizing a bimetallic strip with differential thermal expansion.

Where Should I Put the Thermometer?

In order to keep your bearded dragon healthy and comfortable, you’ll need an accurate temperature gauge. It’s necessary to set the thermometer in the correct location in the tank in order to get an accurate reading.

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded creatures, which means they maintain their body heat by relying on the temperature of their surroundings. That’s why it’s essential to keep your bearded dragon tank warm enough to keep your beardie happy and healthy.

A temperature range of roughly 80-85 degrees F. is ideal for most beardies (not including baby/juvenile dragons).

What Temperature Should My Bearded Dragon’s Enclosure be?


Bearded dragons are native to the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. Their maintenance is simple, but keeping your bearded dragon’s cage at the proper temperature is not always simple.

They prefer a colder climate than other reptiles, but they still require sun, heat, and basking sites. It’s a tricky balance, and understanding the proper temperatures is necessary to keep your bearded dragon healthy.

Depending on the age of your bearded Dragon, its cage has to be a different temperature, so here’s a little guide!

Baby Bearded Dragon

For baby bearded dragons (0-2 months), the basking area temperature should be 100-110°Fahrenheit, with the colder half of the tank around 80-90°Fahrenheit. The heat aids your dragon’s digestion, allowing them to grow properly.

Juvenile Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons can tolerate warmer temperatures of around 98-100°Fahrenheit for around 2-3 months during their juvenile period (2-6 months) to help in their growth. Juveniles can tolerate somewhat colder temperatures in the range of 95-100°Fahrenheit for their basking place and 75-80°Fahrenheit for the chilly side.

Adult Bearded Dragon

Adult bearded dragons (8 months and above) can withstand colder temperatures, so their basking place can be 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit, with the colder half of the tank around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Bearded dragon thermometers are a must for every bearded dragon tank. To summarize, each of the thermometers on the list has its own set of advantages and maybe more suited based on your bearded dragon’s needs. This information should help you choose the best thermometer for bearded dragon.

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