Bearded Dragon Arm Waving? 9 Reasons Why

You might be wondering why your new bearded dragon seems to be waving at you if you’re a new beardie owner. It may be their way of greeting you when you walk into the room, but that’s usually not the case. Beardies wave for many reasons, but not all of them are as simple as saying hello.

Although some of these are pretty normal, you should try to figure out what is the exact reason so you can ensure your beardie is at ease in its surroundings. Let’s take a closer look at each of the reasons why your bearded dragon might be waving its arm.

What Does Bearded Dragon Arm Waving Look Like?

Understanding what a bearded dragon waving its arm looks like can help you find out why exactly it’s doing it. Many people misunderstand arm waving for other kinds of arm movement.

Arm waving in bearded dragons may seem straightforward, but in reality, it is a fascinating display of behavior that can take on many different forms. From standing on hind quarters and waving both arms, to barely lifting a single limb as if mimicking a step, these creatures know how to put on a show.

Some even take it to the next level by waving their arms against the glass of their tank, giving the illusion of scratching rather than waving. And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, brace yourself for the ultimate showstopper – double arm waving! Yes, you heard that right. Bearded dragons can wave both their arms at the same time, and it’s an incredible sight to see.

So, if you notice your bearded dragon lifting one or both of its front legs and moving them back and forth, regardless of speed, you can be sure that it is arm waving. Whether slow or fast, this is a remarkable display of dragon communication, and every owner should take a moment to appreciate it.