Handling Baby Iguana the Right Way

Handling and taming baby iguana is one of the most challenging aspects of having an iguana pet. Unlike dogs, cats and other domestic animals, iguanas are not bred in captivity that’s why their behaviour is suitable in the wild. It takes some time before your iguana becomes tamed and comfortable to a new environment.

It is essential to continue on working through positive ways to handle the iguana, otherwise, it will go back to its old wild behaviour. Improper handling and caring of iguana is associated with discomfort and fear that’s why you will find a hard time taming it. For that reason, it is important to learn to handle baby iguana comfortably and safely.

Handling baby iguana starts from picking it up. Keep in mind that baby iguana is squirmier than the adult one. A healthy baby iguana is generally active but some are calm. Daily handling of your baby iguana is important.

You can have your baby iguana in a small proof room or in a bathroom. However, if you are uncertain that your iguana will not jump out, stuck somewhere or run away, better place a towel under the door so that the iguana cannot pass on it. Put the toilet seat down and place the garbage can outside the bathroom.

Reaching and grabbing a young and untamed baby iguana is one of the worst things. Be patient; go slowly and gentle when approaching the iguana. Whisper and talk gently so that the iguana will not feel that you are a predator.

Touch the top of its head and gently caress its body. Lift up your iguana with your two hands not so tightly so that it will not be frightened. Never pick up your iguana by holding its tail because it may break off. The breaking off of its tail will be traumatic to you and your pet although the tail will recuperate.

Hold and support the entire body of a small iguana. To avoid a skittish baby iguana from scampering away be sure to hand cupped loosely its body. Once you are in an iguana proof room, you can let your pet lay down your arm and move up and down. It is ideal to handle a baby iguana early in the morning or late in the evening while it is still sleeping. This is the time when the baby iguana is submissive.

You will notice that sometimes your iguana does not want to be handled. It will manifest its displeasure by expelling unpleasant huffing noise, throwing an evil eye and squirming and crocodile rolling.

Do not let your baby iguana get used to such kind of behaviour, otherwise, you will find a hard time handling and taming it. This untoward behaviour may cause problem later in picking up and handling the iguana. Never lose patience because time will come when you can find the right handling method that will be comfortable for both of you, you and your iguana pet. Just continue to handle a baby iguana in a pleasant way from picking up to handling.

You will enjoy each other’s company once you find the best and suitable handling routine. Do not forget the three essential things in handling a baby iguana: providing support, handle it gently and never grab it.

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